L-730 Precision Leveling Laser


The L-730 Precision Leveling Laser provides a very flat plane of light for quick, easy flatness and level measurements. It has an integrated precision leveling base with 2-arc-second level vials and pitch and roll adjustments for making the laser plane parallel to reference points. The laser plane is accurate to 2 arc seconds (0.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M) in a 360º sweep and 1 arc second in a 90º sweep. It has an operational range of 100 feet (30.5 meters) in radius. Three switches (LASER & SCAN, LASER ONLY, and OFF) control the laser beam, and the level vials are backlit for easy reading. There is also variable speed control for the laser rotation for use over long distances. The diode laser is low power (less than 1 mW) and visible to the naked eye for easier setup.


  • General machine leveling
  • Checking the flatness of almost any surface (squares, frames, ways, flanges, circles, etc.)
  • Measuring and leveling machine beds and ways, large bearing surfaces, and fabrications
  • Checking way twist and parallelism between horizontal surfaces
  • Aerospace tooling leveling/floor alignment
  • Turbine split-joint leveling/measuring
  • Continuous casters
  • Antenna arrays


  • Continuously rotating diode laser with 100' (30.5 meters) radius operating range.
  • Setup in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Laser plane flat to 2 arc seconds (0.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M) in 360º sweep and 1 arc second in 90º sweep
  • Standard target: A-1532 ER Universal Scan Target with 3" (75 mm) measuring range and .001" (.025 mm) resolution
  • High Accuracy Targets: A-1519-900 (A-1519-2.4) Single-Axis, Wireless Target with 1" (24.5 mm) Measuring Range and .00002" (0.0005 mm) Resolution.
  • Targets provide live data display.
  • Laser and targets fit into a case into a small, portable shipping case
  • Precision level vials in base accurate to 2 arcsec (0.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M)
  • Uses A/C adapter or battery pack
  • Instant on with virtually no warm up
  • Uses Win95/98 Plane 5 Software to quickly analyze and record (with A-1519 Target) flatness data


Weight: Laser: 1.65 lbs (0.7 kg)
Base: 5.4lbs (4.2 kg)
Material: Laser: Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Laser Type: Visible diode, 670 nM wavelength Class II (Class I in scanning mode) .160" (4.06 mm) beam diameter
Operating Distance: 100 feet (30.5 meters) in radius
Beam Power: <0.9 mW
Beam Stability:

Translational: .0001"/hr./ºF (.005mm/hr/ºC)
Angular: .0.2 arcsec./hr/ºF (.36 arc sec/hr/ºC)

Beam/Plane Straightness:
10 microinch/ft. (0.001 mm/M) +/- .0001" air noise
Plane Flatness: .00012 in/ft. (0.01 mm/M), +/- .0003" (0.0075 mm) 360º sweep
.00006 in/ft. (0.005 mm/M) +/- .00015" (0.0038 mm) 90º sweep.
Operating Mode:
Single beam and/or continuously rotating plane.
Clip-on or Plug-in Power Supply:

Powered by a 9V DC external battery pack (2 cells) (6-8 hrs. of continuous operation) or a 115V AC adapter
L-123 Base Adj. Range:
+/- 1.5º
L-123 Base Adj. Resolution:
1.7 arcsec (0.01 inches/100 ft or 0.25 mm/30.5M)
Level Vials: Illuminated and accurate to 2 arc seconds or 0.00012 in/ft. (0.01 mm/M)


Dimensions of L-730 Precision Leveling Laser