Plastics Machinery

Precision Alignment for Plastics Processing Machinery

With the increasing need for complex products and the corresponding need for precision in plastics processing machinery, sophisticated equipment is required to keep machines running at peak efficiency. Drawing on our more than five decades of experience, Hamar Laser offers innovative laser alignment systems with the high accuracy for today’s ever-tightening tolerances. Alignment with our precision systems not only ensures that machines are turning out the highest quality parts possible, but can also dramatically extend the life of critical machine components like extruder barrels and screws, molds and tools, part-flashing and tie-bars, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Highest Accuracy in Industry

Our lasers boast the highest accuracies in the industry, with alignment capability of 0.0025 mm/m for sweeping lasers and accuracy of up to 0.005 in 3 meters for straight-line lasers.

Quick and Easy Alignments

With their simple set up, live data, and powerful Windows-based software, our systems align machinery faster and easier than conventional methods like optics.

Wide Range of Applications

Our versatile array of alignment lasers can handle a wide range of plastics processing applications, including film lines, injection molding machines and extruders.

What’s Your Application?

What Our Customers Say

Our turbine alignment business depends on our gear being both accurate and dependable, and Hamar Laser delivers on both fronts.

— Charles Monestere, Operations Manager ‐ Alignment Services, Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, Ltd