Laser Cutting Machines & Water-jet Machines

Aligning laser cutting machines and water-jet machines using conventional methods, such as levels, squares, straight edges and indicators, requires many setups and takes a lot of time. This makes it hard to schedule regular geometry checks to keep the machine producing good quality parts and increases scrap rates and quality problems.  Laser alignment offers surprisingly fast alignment checks and high accuracy so production mangers can have the confidence that their throughput will not be affected by regular alignment checks. 

L-732 Precision Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System

Our more than 50 years of alignment experience went into the design of the L-732 Precision Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System featuring 2 automatically rotating laser planes and high-resolution targets for quickly and precisely aligning the axes of machine tools.  The L-732 features:

  • Patented technology to not only measure but also fix alignment problems up to 70% fasters than conventional methods.
  • Features 2 automatically rotating laser planes, each with an operating range of 100 ft (30.5 m) in radius.
  • Factory-configured with either 1 horizontal and 1 vertical plane (for measuring flatness, straightness and squareness of surfaces and lower-accuracy machine axes) or with  2 vertical laser planes.
  • Precise laser planes have a flatness/straightness/leveling accuracy of 2 arc seconds (.00012 in/ft or 0.01 mm/m) and in some applications 1 arc second.
  • Laser planes are mutually square with an accuracy of up to 2 arc seconds (.00012 in/ft or 0.01mm/m).
  • Wireless targets with .00002 in. (0.0005 mm) resolution and a communication range of up to 150 ft (45 m).
  • Targets update in real-time, so errors can be fixed without changing the setup.
  • Powerful Windows-based Plane5 Software, combined with advanced wireless interfaces, makes collecting and analyzing alignment data fast and easy

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