Machine Tools

Faster, More Accurate Machine Tool Alignment

Hamar Laser has been making advanced laser alignment systems for machine tool applications for more than 50 years. Our patented state-of-the-art systems align almost all types of metal cutting machinery up to 70% faster than conventional methods that can require days or even weeks. Faster and more accurate laser alignment reduces labor costs and downtime and helps machines cut better parts, reducing scrap rates and increasing productivity.

Wide Range of Applications

Our versatile systems handle a wide range of machine tool applications including machining centers, gantries, boring mills, lathes and grinders.

High Accuracy Wireless Technology

High accuracy combined with wireless communication significantly improves tool life, increases plant throughput and vastly improves overall part quality.

Easy to Learn & Use

Our systems operate similar to optics and other familiar methods, making them easier to learn and reducing training requirements.

What’s Your Application?

What Our Customers Say

Using your system we were able to re-level and adjust the machine to accuracies within tenths regardless of position through the length of travel. This helps greatly. Thanks again!

— Christopher G., Equipment Engineer, Rolls Royce Corporation
Indianapolis, Plant #5