Fabrication Alignment Applications

Building on more than 3 decades of experience in high-accuracy machine tool applications, Hamar Laser developed a series of affordable laser alignment tools designed specifically for lower-accuracy applications, including sole plate and machine-bed leveling, water-jet and laser cutting machines, lower-accuracy machining centers, and large-part assembly.

Wide Range of Applications

Our laser alignment systems handle a wide range of fabrication assembly and machinery applications, yet are affordable and easy to justify.

70% Faster & 4x Higher Accuracy

Continuously sweeping laser planes and targets with large measuring areas and high resolutions make our systems up to 70% faster than optics and up to 4x higher accuracy.

Easy to Learn & Use

Similar in use to optics and other familiar alignment methods, our systems are easier to use than these methods and thus easier to learn, significantly reducing training requirements.

What’s Your Application?

What Our Customers Say

Quality you can feel and see. We are confident that we teamed with the right group and are very excited to start “Aligning with the best!”

— Chris Merani, DC Engineering Works LLC