Power Generation

Pioneer in Power Generation Alignment

Since building the world’s first steam turbine laser alignment system in 1975, industry pioneer Hamar Laser continues to offer innovative and effective alignment tools for power generation. Power markets have become more competitive and generation equipment must operate more efficiently and reliably, making conventional alignment methods like tight-wire, feeler gauges and optics increasingly outdated. Highly accurate and extremely simple to learn and use, our systems help power companies to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and reliability, and maximize profit, like one utility customer that slashed alignment times by 50% with our L-706 Turbine System.

Highest Accuracy in Industry

Our lasers boast the highest accuracies in the industry, with alignment capability of 0.0025 mm/m for sweeping lasers and accuracy of up to 0.13 mm in 30 meters for straight-line lasers.

Quick and Easy Alignments

With their simple set up, live data, and powerful Windows-based software, our systems align machinery faster and easier than conventional methods.

Less Training Needed

Our systems operate similar to tight-wire, optics and other familiar methods, making them easier to learn and reducing training requirements.

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What Our Customers Say

Our turbine alignment business depends on our gear being both accurate and dependable, and Hamar Laser delivers on both fronts.

— Charles Monestere, Operations Manager ‐ Alignment Services, Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, Ltd