Experts in Nearly All Alignment Applications

Hamar Laser is the world leader in laser alignment technology, especially for geometric applications. Behind that technology are laser alignment experts dedicated to providing the best laser alignment training possible. 

Our trainers are industry experts, who, in some cases, have over 25 years of laser alignment experience with our lasers, and many more using conventional methods.  These experts can apply our lasers to almost any alignment application and know how to teach students to get the most out of our lasers.

We offer on-site training, or training in our well-equipped training facility in Brookfield, CT, just minutes away from our main facility.  We typically limit the class size to 6 students to keep the student-to-instructor ratio low. 

“Hands-On” Training

All of our training is done “hands on,” where each student will have ample time to setup and use the laser on actual machines or on training fixtures/simulators in our training center.  The hands-on approach to training takes extra time but in the end it’s worth it, as each student best gains confidence in the system by using it.

If the training is done “on site”, then we start the training in a conference room to go over the basics and then after that, we head out to the floor to apply our knowledge to real machines.  Each student gets plenty of time to set up on the machine and take measurements.

We can also customize our training to meet the needs of our customers who have unique applications and we are happy to offer follow-up training as well.

Typical Course Topics

Each course is customized to the product and the application and varies in length from 1 day to 5 days, depending on the number of students, the product and the application.  Typical topics include:

  • How laser alignment systems work
  • Equipment operation, connection, handling and maintenance
  • Correctly calibrate level vials (if applicable)
  • How to set-up and perform a laser setup, called a “buck-in”
  • 2-point buck-in for aligning straight lines or linear axes
  • 3-point buck-in for aligning planes
  • How to set up a square laser plane from a datum
  • How to set up a parallel plane from a datum
  • How to measure a part’s edge or a straight line with a scanning plane
  • How to measure straightness & flatness of surfaces or machine axes
  • How to measure squareness and parallelism of surfaces or machine axes
  • How to measure guideway and roll parallelism
  • How to align lasers to bore centers and measure concentricity
  • How to align lasers to spindle rotation axes and measure sub-spindles to main spindles.
  • How to check spindle axis parallelism to guideways
  • Best practices for fast and accurate alignments
  • Setup and use on actual machinery – “on the job” training if needed
  • How to use our various software programs
  • How to troubleshoot problems

At the conclusion of each class, if requested, the students will receive a certificate of completion.

Online Training Videos

We also have an extensive line of training videos available on our YouTube Digital Training Library.  We also offer a 10 in. display training tablet with all of our training videos, brochures, manuals and application notes preloaded to bring with you on the job for quick refreshers!