Roll Alignment

Roll Alignment Made Fast and Easy

Hamar Laser has been making laser systems for aligning rolls in all kinds of different applications for more than 30 years. Poorly aligned rolls can cause serious quality problems, such as product wrinkling, wandering, tearing and even breaking, resulting in increased machine downtime and scrapped product. Our innovative roll alignment systems were designed to solve these problems quickly and easily, with minimal training, and offer many advantages over other methods. Our systems are 3x more accurate than theodolites and 2x faster, and yet only require 1 technician to operate.

Most Accurate System on Market

Our roll alignment lasers are the most accurate in the industry with roll parallelism accuracy of up to .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).

Unlimited Machine Length

Our unique laser transfer process, means even the longest machines in the industry can easily be aligned to very high accuracy.

Easy to Learn & Use

Our systems operate similar to optics but are much easier to learn and much faster, too!

What’s Your Application?

What Our Customers Say

The ROI on our Hamar Laser L-742 [Roll Alignment System] alignment system was only 3 months! Thanks for a top-shelf “rubber meets the road” solution!

— John M., Shurtape Technologies, LLC