Bore Alignment

We Know Bore Alignment

Hamar Laser has been making laser systems for bore alignment applications for more than 50 years. The very first system we made was designed for steam turbine bore alignment. With our years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making alignment systems that are highly accurate and versatile, while being especially easy to learn and use.

Largest Range of Bore Diameters

Our versatile systems can align the largest range of bore diameters in the industry from .25 to 40 in. (6-1,000 mm).



Self-Centering Targets for Ultra-Fast Alignments

Innovative self-centering targets means no 0º – 180º measurements, typical of most bore targets. Just insert and in 5 seconds you have the data.

Very Easy to Learn & Use

Simple X-Y readouts and mechanical fixtures are easy to learn and fast to set up.  Software is optional and not hard to learn either!

What’s Your Application?

What Our Customers Say

The system proved to be reliable, robust and even more accurate then we needed. “Proudly made in the USA” exactly describes Hamar Laser.

— Yuri Bochavich, Ekaterinburg, Russia, Diezel Test Kit, Ltd.