Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope – Twin Barrels

Aligning extruders can take hours and hours and it is hard to find methods that actually work, especially for twin-barrel extruders that have multiple sections that need alignment where “stack up” errors can lead to big misalignments. Not aligning extruders causes the barrels and screws to wear out much sooner than desired, leading to excessive costs for replacements. There is a much better way.

L-703B Twin-Barrel Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope

Our 50 years of alignment experience went into the design of the L-703B Twin-Barrel Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope that makes checking the alignment of extruder barrel sections to gearboxes much easier and much faster:

  • New, smaller laser fits into tight spaces around the gearbox shafts.
  • Uses A-703T Customized Spline-Shaft fixture to mount the L-703B on the gearbox shafts for ultra-fast setup.
  • Aligns extruders up to 70% faster and up to 3x more accurate than conventional or optical borescope methods.
  • Setup < 20 minutes.  Data in 5 minutes after that!
  • Uses self-centering bore adapters that find the bore center without any moving parts.  No 0º and 180º measurements, so it takes just 5-10 seconds to get a measurement!
  • Customized bore adapters with a large range of barrel IDs from 1.18 to 18 in. (30 to 458 mm).
  • Readout display resolution of .0001 in. (0.001 mm).
  • System accuracy of .001 in. (0.025 mm) in 20 feet (6.1 m).  
  • Real-time alignment data speeds alignment by showing barrel movements as it’s being  adjusted.
  • Simple, handheld X-Y readout show the alignment data in the vertical and horizontal axes.
  • Horizontal and vertical center & angular adjustments allow for easy alignment of the laser to the gearbox spindle’s rotation axis.
  • Battery-operated laser with a range of 50 ft. (15 m).

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L-703B Twin-Barrel Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope Configuration