S-670 wireless 3-axis Shaft Alignment System – Mid Level

S-670 wireless 3-axis Shaft Alignment System – Mid Level


The S-670 utilizes the latest in super-linear PSD technology, wireless communication, advanced data-taking and application features, and innovative design to offer the most feature-rich, accurate, and reasonably priced mid-level system in the market today. With over 45 years of laser alignment innovation, our systems can easily be used by the most inexperienced millwright but are also highly advanced for the most experienced users.

The S-670 Laser uses our patented Dual-Beam™ Technology that allows the measurement of offset and angle simultaneously with one PSD (sensor), thus eliminating 50% of measurement errors when using 2 sensors (all other systems use 2 sensors). By using super-linear PSD’s with our state-of-the-art electronics, the S- 670 to offer measurement accuracy that is 5-7 times more accurate than competitive lasers.

High accuracy combined with Bluetooth™ wireless communication, advanced software and a 30 mm sensor means the S-670 can outperform even the top-of-the-line lasers from our competitors!

Our step-by-step software guides the user through the alignment and allows it to be used by the most inexperienced millwright but with the upgrade capability for more advanced users.

  • Highest Accuracy Mid-Level System
  • Bluetooth™ Wireless Included
  • Includes Advanced data-taking and applications features
  • Rugged IP 67 Data Display
  • High-Resolution Color Graphics
  • Includes Print Software For Color Reports
  • Upgradable Advanced Features


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Communication::
    Internal Bluetooth® transmitter with a range from Target to PDA of up to 33' (10 M).

  • Highest Entry-Level System Accuracy:
    5-7 times higher sensor accuracy than our competitors, the S-670 gives you the most accurate measurement of any entry-level shaft alignment system

  • Super-Linear PSD Detector Technology:
    1-axis super-linear PSD technology provides 1 micron (.00004”) resolution with a measuring area of 30x10 mm.

  • Auto Sweep™ Data Taking Mode:
    A standard feature, making coupled alignment amazingly easy. Built-in accelerometer detects movement and Couple5 Software automatically starts collecting 100’s of data points without pushing any buttons.

  • More Standard Features:
    Wireless communication, Auto Sweep™, Thermal Growth, Spacer Shafts, Soft Foot, Thermal Growth Foot Calculator, Recommended Tolerance and several more features are included in the standard package... unlike our competitors.

  • 2-Axis Live Move Screen:
    Offset and angular alignment values continuously update and dynamic motor graphics show how much the motor moves as you adjust it!

  • Long Wireless Battery Life:
    Laser and target use the latest in lithium polymer battery technology, which offers the industry’s longest wireless battery life of over 14 hours of continuous use!

  • Ruggedized PDA Display Platform:
    Hand held display with high resolution color screen, IP 67 environmental rating, 15-hour battery life and 512 MB of memory. Options include Digital Camera, Bar Code Scanner, AA Battery Module, Wireless LAN and many more.
  • atest Electronic Design:
    Both laser and target are newly designed and incorporate the most sophisticated electronics available.
  • Standard Brackets:
    Bracket kit comes with enough chain to align 1" (25.4mm) to 6" (152.4mm) diameter shafts and 4" (101.6mm) and 8" (203.2mm) posts.


Laser/Target Unit Size 4.2" x 3.3" x 2.2" (107 mm x 84 mm x 55 mm)
Housing Material Impact resistant plastic
Detector Type & Size Single-axis super-linear PSD 30 mm (v) x 10 mm (h) provides 2 continuously updating alignment axes.
Target Measurement

Offset: 1.0 micron (.000039")
Angular: 0.014 mm/M (.00016"/ft.)

Target Measurement
Offset: <0.30%
Angular: <1.0%
Angle Sensor Range +/- 5°
Laser Type 650 nm dual-beam laser with horizontal adjustment. < 0.9mW
Communication between
Target & Data Analyzer
Wireless Bluetooth® Class 2
2.4 GHz radio frequency
Wireless Range 33 feet (10 M)
Rotation Sensor (3rd axis) Accelerometer Resolution: 0.1° Accuracy: +/- 1.0°
Display Platform Rugged PDA with VGA 3.5” (90 mm) display (480 x 640 pixels)
Environmental (laser & target) IP 67
Environmental (display) IP 67, MIL-STD-810F, Method 510.3, Procedures I&II
Data Storage Capacity 1,500 files
Bracket Set Covers 1.5" (37.6 mm) to 6" (152.4 mm) diameter shafts. Comes with 6" (150.4 mm) posts
Application Range 33 feet (10 M) between laser and target
5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C) for
Laser and Target
Operating/Storage Temp PDA –30 °C to +60 °C (–22 °F to +140 °F)
–40 °C to +70 °C (–40 °F to +158 °F)
Battery Life Target 14+ hours continuous use with Bluetooth® — 15 hours with backup cable. Target can be plugged into power source during use. Battery status icon for both T-1280 Target and Smart Phone.
Battery Life Laser 60+ hours continuous use. Blinking LED indicates low battery status.
Battery Life Smart Phone 8 hours normal use (12 hours with battery upgrade)
A/C Battery Charger
Laser, Target and PDA)
110V to 220V with U.S. and European


Dimensions S-670 wireless 3-axis Shaft Alignment System – Mid Level