Sawmill Customer Praises the L-733

L-743 Leveling Sawmills Log Rollers

Our new L-733 Precision Triple Scan® Laser has been working great in the saw mill where I work. So far we have used it to fix a couple of issues that have plagued our machine for years. I love it!

Our main application is to align machine centers. We have two Chip-n-Saw lines, one large and one small. We also have two edgers. Our alignment consists of making sure our machine line is level, straight (in-line) and square to itself within .005”.

On our small Chip-n-Saw line we had an issue that we thought was due to the outfeed line bar being installed at too high of an elevation compared to the infeed line bar and profile rolls. With the laser we found the infeed line and profile rolls were dropping in elevation, so by the time we reached the outfeed line bar we were running into it. We also found our profile roll box was out of square, which made it impossible to set both rolls square to our feed.

I like that the L-733 lets us shoot straight, elevation and square measurements in just one or two steps, and that it gives us real-time numbers. This is extremely helpful when having to move something back in line. I also like your R-1308 plug-in digital readout that attaches to the target for taking measurements, especially when we are moving something, because there is no delay. I can see the data right away.

I had a couple of questions with the PDA, but your customer support team got me lined out on how to work it. There is a bit of a learning curve for some of our millwrights but the laser is easy to use and they are coming around fast. Overall the laser is a really great tool. If I have any issues, I will contact you and your team. Thank you!

Jacob Hinrichs

Idaho Forest Group LLC