L-740 Excels at Hydro Facility

I’m currently a site manager who has been working at hydroelectric facilities in the U.S. Our team uses Hamar Laser Instruments’ L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser for checking level and flatness on large components, including rotors, stators, imbeds and turbine components such as head covers and facing plates. We also use it for in-situ machining, and checking our “as found” flatness measurements. Based on about 15 years’ experience with it, I can tell you that the L-740 is the best tool out there for leveling applications like these.

We use a variety of measuring tools at our facility, but your L-740 is my guys’ “go-to” favorite for these applications. Compared to our optics kits, the L-740 is much faster and easier to use, and more importantly for me, easy to teach. I have much more confidence that I can send out a tech with the L-740 and know the job will get done fast and done right. Unless a technician is really experienced at optics, it can take a lot more time for him to set it up and finish the job. I also really like the L-740’s built-in, easy-to-read, high-accuracy level vials that make it simple for less-well-trained guys to use without a lot of trial and error.

Then there’s the accuracy. We work with a lot of large surfaces (30+ feet), so having that added accuracy makes the measurement more repeatable and our confidence in the numbers higher. [Ed. Note: Accuracy is .00003 in/ft.]  We’ve been very happy with Hamar Laser and your L-740 leveling laser is an especially important weapon in our arsenal. It’s been a great investment and I’m sure that we’ll be using it for at least another 15+ years!

Dan Hooten

Site Manager

Hydroelectric Facility