CMMs Testimonials

L-742 Streamlines CMM Alignments

Borbolla Metrology has been using Hamar Laser’s L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan Laser to align Coordinate-Measuring Machines (CMMs) and other machines for many years. The L-742’s 2 automatically sweeping, perpendicular laser planes has performed very well in the field. The laser is highly accurate and easy to use and lets us perform machine alignments more quickly. The L-742 sets up easily and gives us alignment data extremely fast and in real time. We do not see these qualities in other alignment tools.

Our company is a distributor of measurement equipment, specializing in dimensional metrology, and sells and services CMMs. We started in 1996 in order to offer these services with a high degree of professionalism and customer service. We have worked with Hamar Laser from the beginning because they share our commitment to delivering superior service. The company is always very responsive to our needs and is extremely quick to resolve any issues.

CMMs measure objects’ geometry by sensing discrete points on their surface with probes. We recently used Hamar Laser’s L-742 to align a Wenzel RS-1618. The RS-series are horizontal arm CMMs used for measurement of vehicle components, assemblies and other large parts. We use the L-742 system to level and make the table flat when the table is cast iron, and to rough-square the machine mechanically. Because it is so easy to set up and gives us data so quickly, the L-742 saves us a lot of time when setting up or servicing CMMs. The L-742 saved us four hours, for example, when we aligned the RS-1618.

Hamar Laser has been a trusted supplier for us for more than 25 years. Our customers and machine manufacturers, such as Wenzel, really like Hamar Laser’s technology. We think anyone that needs highly accurate and very easy-to-use alignment systems, and who wants very responsive customer service, should consider working with Hamar Laser.

Jorge Borbolla and Luis Borbolla

Sales Manager and Service Manager

Borbolla Metrology, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Hamar Laser’s L-742 being used to align a Wenzel RS-series CMM

Hamar Laser’s L-742 being used to align a Wenzel RS-series CMM