Bore Alignment Testimonials

Hamar Trounces Competitor in Engine Bore App

My company, Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc., is a CAT® dealer providing equipment sales, rentals, parts and service. We pride ourselves on providing a one-stop shop with a strong customer service focus. We recently purchased the L-706 [Bore Laser System] from Hamar Laser Instruments. It’s a fine tool for engine block bores, is extremely repeatable and much faster than other tools we’ve used.

In the Engine Rebuild Center where I work, we tear down and rebuild engines, mainly those used in gas compressor stations. We’re using the Hamar L-706 to check main bore alignment on CAT G3500- and G3600-series engine blocks. These are bigger engines, ranging from 10 to 12 feet in length and can have as many as 11 bores.

We had been using a competing European company’s alignment tool, but we weren’t at all happy with the repeatability. We fought with it from the start and just couldn’t seem to get it to repeat, even when we were confident in what we were measuring. In comparison, the L-706 is simple and easy to use and has great repeatability. It doesn’t take long to set up and the [Bore9] software speeds up the buck-in (laser setup) process and data taking.

We’re super happy with the Hamar’s repeatability, which gives us a lot of confidence. This has been one of the biggest gains for us, since we don’t have to go back through and check the alignment several times to see if we can get acceptable repeatability. I have a machinist background, but I also have quite a few years in Quality Control, so to me, repeatability is everything.

Now with our Hamar, checking the bores takes a fraction of the time it used to. What took half a day with the other tool takes only an hour with the Hamar, which is about 75% faster with the L-706. Time is of the essence here because we’re up against a tight timeframe to roll the block through and get the engine back to the customer.

The Hamar has it all—a fast and easy setup, fantastic repeatability and lots of time saved. We’re very, very happy with this great alignment tool, and the customer service is great, too. I can highly recommend Hamar Laser and the L-706.

Shane Miles

Salvage Team Leader, Engine Rebuild Center

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc.

L-706 Bore Laser System in CAT 3600 engine block bore application

L-702SP Streamlines Bearing Bore Reconditioning

Hi-Tech Compressor and Pump reconditions bearing bores in large compressors with either thermal spray or sleeves (both processes are done in house), and we re-machine them to a close-tolerance diameter. Regardless of the recondition method used, the challenge is to maintain tight OEM tolerances on concentricity and perpendicularity to a reference bore. Our previous method of setup was to tram the housing to the horizontal boring mill spindle using dial indicators. This process was time consuming, plus it was hit-or-miss as to maintaining required tolerances. Also, we lacked an accurate method of final inspection to measure and verify the finished bores.

I reached out to Hamar Laser and scheduled an on-site visit and demo of their alignment equipment with Rod Hamar. In preparation for his visit Rod helped me design a fixture to locate Hamar’s L-702SP [Scan Laser with Plumb Beam] to the reference bore. We were very impressed and purchased the alignment system based on the success of the demo.

Using Hamar’s system each housing is now individually aligned to the spindle of our horizontal boring mill in a simple 3-step process: (1) Using the scan plane of the L-702SP laser and the A-1519 target, the laser is adjusted perpendicular to the reference bore. (2) The laser beam is then adjusted to the center of the reference bore with the A-512 target. (3) Now that we have an accurate reference, a beam which is both perpendicular and concentric with the reference bore, the T-261A 4-Axis spindle target is mounted in the spindle. The target, along with Hamar’s system software, is used to square the part with the machine and adjust the spindle to the part centerline within tenths. Finally, a finished inspection is performed repeating steps 1 and 2 above but using the A-514B target adapter (and the A-512 target) to qualify and record the finished bore location.

We shaved a significant amount of time out of our alignment process with Hamar’s system and gained the confidence that we are able to consistently hold the required tolerances. Most important, however, is the confidence and increased business from our customer!

[Read the case study on this application in our Resource Center (click Case Studies tab). The case study was published in CompressorTECH2, a leading trade magazine. Step-by-step alignment procedures for the application are available as a downloadable PDF.]

Don Weidemann

Director of Quality

Hi-Tech Compressor & Pump Products, Inc.

Aligning compressor bearing bores with Hamar Laser’s L-702SP Scan Laser with Plumb Beam