Accessories Testimonials

I am very impressed with the overall fit and finish of everything. The Kaisen foam is well designed and every component has a well thought out home.  The position and orientation of each component was done in such a way to provide maximum protection of the important pieces. The canvas bags that the stand accessories come in are a very nice touch. The stand components and the methods used for assembly are very high quality. Quality you can feel and see. The tablet preloaded with the training videos which are organized into logical albums will also be extremely handy in the field. The selection of the tablet model and the supplied case are a very attractive pairing.  The case is one of the best quality industrial units I have felt. The neck strap is also super handy for the intended use. Finally, the training session was also a very positive experience. Spending time with Darel was not only valuable for the equipment use training but also for his wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the alignment field. We are confident that we teamed with the right group and are very excited to start “Aligning with the best!”

Chris Merani

DC Engineering Works LLC