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We make the best laser alignment systems in the world!

Precision alignment is all we do. For over 50 years, Hamar Laser has been a world leader in laser alignment. We design, manufacture, sell and service high-precision laser alignment and calibration systems for virtually any alignment application.

We know what works…and what doesn’t. We design our lasers to be the best solution for a given application. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” products that a lot of our competitors offer. Buying a Hamar means the job will be done the right way, with unbeatable accuracy and as fast as possible.


Faster than Optics

Our lasers check and align rolls up to 75% faster than optical methods.


Ultra Accurate Measurements

Our lasers are up to 10 times more accurate than competing systems.


Years of Alignment Experience

For roll alignment, we know what works... and what doesn't. Try us and see!

L-732 & L-742 Dual-Scan® Roll Alignment Laser Systems

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What Makes Hamar Better?

Hamarlaser Ultra-Accuracy


Our laser planes have a flatness accuracy of up to .000015 in/ft. (0.0013 mm/m), flatter than any competing laser, usually by a factor of 8!

High-Speed Alignments

High-Speed Alignments

Renowned for their ease of use and fast setups, our systems significantly speed up alignments with real-time data feedback and simultaneous multi-axis adjustment.

Easy to learn

Easy to Learn

Our lasers are easier to learn than optics or laser trackers and don't require an engineering degree to run them! Training typically only takes 2 days or use our free YouTube training videos!

Alignment Experience

Alignment Experience

More than 5 decades of alignment experience goes into every product, along with our 28 patents! We know laser alignment!



We design innovative laser systems engineered for specific applications, not inferior and under-performing “one-size-fits-all” products.



Family owned and operated, we make and service our lasers right here in the USA, providing our customers with a high level of personal service.

Laser Technology Comparison

HLI’s L-742 Dual Scan® Technology vs. The Competitor’s Pentaprism

HLI’s Laser Transfer Method

When using HLI’s Laser-Transfer Method and a reference roll, the squareness between the L-742’s laser planes is effectively eliminated when moving the laser from section to section. This means the measuring laser plane is parallel to where it was upon the initial setup to within the combined flatness of the laser planes or .000045 in/ft (0.0038 mm/m)!

  1. 10.0188 mm/m Plane Flatness/Squareness
  2. 20.015 mm/m Plane Squareness
  3. 3(1) - (2) = 0.0038 mm/m Parallelism Error since Squareness Error Does Not Add in!

Competitor’s Pentaprism Method

When using the Pentaprism Method with a reference roll, after the Pentaprism is moved to another location along the machine, the laserbeam at the second location will not be parallel to the laser at the reference roll by up to .0005 in/ft (0.040 mm/m). Not very good for 3-7 meter rolls! Furthermore, rotating the prism to reach and upper or lower roll could result in an additional error of up to .040” (1.0 mm).

  1. 4 0.02 mm/m Beam Squareness/Flatness
  2. 50.02 mm/m Beam Squareness/Flatness
  3. 6(4) + (5) = 0.040 mm/m Parallelism Error Between 2 Beams!
  4. 7Additional Step Error of up to 1.0 mm

Hamar Laser vs. Competitors - Roll Alignment Lasers

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What Our Customers Say

Chris Merani
DC Engineering Works LLC

"I am very impressed with the overall fit and finish of everything. The Kaisen foam is well designed and every component has a well thought out home. The position and orientation of each component... Read More...

John M.
Shurtape Technologies, LLC

"The ROI on our Hamar Laser L-742 [Roll Alignment System] alignment system was only 3 months! Thanks for a top-shelf “rubber meets the road” solution! Read More...

Russell Roberson
Omega Solutions, Inc. (OSI)

"We’ve been using a Hamar Laser alignment system for 15 years. When anybody sees it in action, they see how accurate it is, how it shows alignment data in real time and how easily the results can be repeated...

Cheng L. C.
Engineering Manager
Mitsui Copper Foil Malaysia

"We adopted the use of the Hamar Laser alignment system in 2005 and have not looked back since. With its high accuracy and easy-to-use design, our machines’ performance has improved tremendously... Read More...