• New Stealth Series™ Package: S-660CRT

    January 1, 2015

    Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc. introduces the Stealth Series™ S-660CRT 3-Axis Shaft Alignment System package. The S-660CRT is now the most feature-rich and powerful, entry-level, laser alignment system on the market. With up to 5-times higher accuracy, a large 20-mm PSD and an 8” Consumer-Rugged display box, the S-660CRT offers the features and power of competitive mid and high-end systems for a fraction of the price. That combined with our intuitive and easy-to-use Couple6 software, and upgradeability to advanced features, means the S-660CRT is the choice for most motor shaft alignment applications.

    “We are constantly striving to provide the most accurate, intuitive and best system for the lowest price possible,” says Rod Hamar, president of Hamar Laser Instruments, “and the S-660CRT is our newest offering in our unique, high-tech Stealth Series™ Shaft Alignment lasers.”

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