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S-660S & S-660P Wireless 3-Axis Motor Alignment LaserOur newest shaft alignment offering, the S-660 features standard wireless communication, PDA smart phone, color software and high accuracy that makes it the best value in entry-level shaft alignment lasers. Over 45 years of laser alignment experience has gone into the design of the S-660 to produce a system that is unparalleled in the entry-level class of the laser alignment market.

Our Dual-Fan™ technology produces a laser fan with very little divergence that allows the use of fan-type laser for distance up to 15 feet but without having to increase power, a typical problem with fan-type lasers. Utilizing our state-of-the-art electronics, the S-660 able to offer accuracy that is up to 5 times more accurate than competitive lasers. That combined with wireless communication and a 20 mm sensor means the S-660 can outperform much more expensive lasers from our competitors!

Our step-by-step software guides the user through the alignment and allows it to be used by the most inexperienced millwright, but at the same time has the upgrade capability for more advanced users.

Feature Package

Couple5 Live Move Coupling Alignment Screen

  • Technology: Dual-Fan™
  • Software: Couple5 for Smartphones and PDAs
  • System configuration: S-660 system with R-1340 Smart Phone or R-1345 Rugged PDA and Couple5 Software with S-1395-EL Entry-Level Features License. Upgradable features include: Bolt Bound™, Thermal Growth Modeling Screen, Spacer Shafts, Repeatability/History Table, User Defined Tolerances, Vertical Machine, and many more.


Couple5 Software - Included Features

Auto-Clock™ • Coupled and Uncoupled Shafts • Recommended Tolerances • Report Software for PC • Soft Foot • Thermal Growth at Coupling • 2-Axis Live Move Screen • Vertical Machines

Optional Features: Auto-Sweep™ • Bolt Bound™ • Point Mode • Repeatability Table • Spacer Shafts • 2,000 Saved Files • Thermal Growth Calculator • Uncoupled Swipe Mode • User-Defined Tolerances • Vertical Live Move Screen


Display Options

R-1340 Smart Phone Data Platform for motor alignmentR-1340 Smart Phone Data Platform
Standard Smart Phone Display features Windows CE® 6.5, high resolution VGA display, IP 54 mobile phone (voice and data plan not included) and GPS. Text or e-mail data reports to any phone or PC.
R-1345 Rugged PDA for coupling alignmentR-1345 Rugged PDA
Standard PDA Display features Windows® 6.1, high resolution VGA display, ruggedized design, and an environmental rating of IP67.

S-660S & S-660P - What's in the box

L-780 Dual-Fan™ Laser For Coupling AlignmentL-780 Dual-Fan™ Laser
T-1280 Dual-Fan™ Target For Motor AlignmentT-1280 Dual-Fan™ Target
A-970 Bracket Set For Shaft AlignmentA-970 Bracket Set
R-1345 Rugged PDA For shaft AlignmentR-1345 Rugged PDA
  • L-780 Dual-Fan™ Laser
  • T-1280 Dual-Fan™ 3-Axis Wireless Target with 20x1 mm PSD and 1 micron res. and BT Class 2
  • R-1340 Smart Phone or R-1345 PDA with Couple5 software pre-installed
  • S-1395-EL Entry-Level Features License & electronic manual.
  • A-970 Standard Bracket Set for 1” to 6” (25 mm to 152 mm) shafts with 6” (152 mm) Posts
  • USB A/C charging adapter for laser/target
  • USB charging cable
  • Tape measure
  • Rugged, sealed shipping case with custom-cut foam.



A-980OF Offset Motor Alignment BracketA-980OF Offset Bracket
A-982 Magnetic Motor Alignment BracketA-982 Magnetic Bracket


Bracket & Chain Sets

  • A-970A Chain Bracket Upgrade
  • A-970A Upgraded Bracket Kit with chain for 1.5” (37 mm to 305 mm) to 12” shafts plus 12”(305 mm) posts
  • A-980C Extra Chain Sets 1"-12" Shaft Diameter
  • A-980OF Offset Brackets
  • A-982 Magnetic Brackets (set of 2)
  • A-986 Magnetic Coupling-Flange Slider Bracket
  • T-1280B Outdoor Light Filter

Geo software and accessories

  • A-1519-2.4ZB Single-Axis Wireless Scan Target
  • L-730 Auto-Rotating Laser with P-R base
  • Read9ZB PDA Display Software
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