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L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Roll Alignment System for Steel Mill Rolls

L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan™ Laser Alignment System

Our lasers offer the precision and time savings to meet the ever-tightening tolerances of the steel industry. Our L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Roll Alignment System is one of only two lasers in the world (L-733 is the other) to offer three automatically rotating laser planes, which creates a powerful tool to not only measure but also fix almost any misalignment problem in continuous caster mills.

Less Manpower Needed for Alignments

The L-743 Roll Alignment System reduces alignment manpower. Wireless targets and automatically rotating laser planes make setting up the laser at each machine section a one-man job, freeing up technicians for other critical work during shut downs. The wireless readout displays both reference/benchmark targets simultaneously, allowing the operator to quickly buck-in to the benchmarks. Traditional optics usually require at least two men to work the instrument

Multiple Targets and Laser Planes Reduces Downtime

With multiple laser planes and multiple targets, the L-743 can take the place of at least two sets of optics. Once the laser is setup, multiple technicians can each use a target to realign the mill during planned or unplanned outages. This can save tremendous amounts of time and can bring the mill up that much sooner.

Set Roll Pass Line Faster with Fewer Technicians

One of the more time-consuming tasks in maintaining continuous-caster steel mills is setting the correct caster roll pass line. Unlike using optics that requires at least two operators, the L-743 only requires 1 operator, and since the laser automatically sweeps a reference plane, it is a very simple process to measure and set the heights of a caster segment rolls. The heights can be set using precision inserts with our targets, as the tolerance of the centerline of the target to its base has been accurately controlled.

Another timesaving feature of the L-743 is that all the rolls of a segment can be checked from one setup and the operator who set the laser up can start doing the measurements himself! Furthermore, the laser can be setup between 2 segments and both of them can be checked at the same time from the same setup.

Easy Squareness and Plumb Measurements for Segment Pins

The L-743 has three automatically sweeping laser planes, one horizontal and two vertical, which are all square to each other to within 1 arc second (.00006"/ft or 0.005 mm/M). This means that complex tasks like checking the squareness of the pins to the face of the caster is an easy job for the L-743. This greatly reduces the setups needed to measure squareness when using optics. The L-743 can also be used to easily check the plumbness of the segment pins in the mill itself, as the vertical laser planes have 100 feet (30.5 meters) radius and are plumb when the laser is leveled.

No Need for Optics' Recalibration After Plumb Measurements

Unlike some optics that usually require time-consuming recalibration of the levels each time plumb is checked, the L-743 can simultaneously check level and plumb from a single setup. This is because the squareness measuring capability is built into the instrument. Furthermore, the levels usually only require calibration once a month.

Alignment System Features
  • 3 continuously rotating laser planes with operational range of 100' (30.5 meters) in radius.
  • Instant on with virtually no warm-up
  • Laser planes flat to ½ arc seconds (.00003"/ft or 0.0025mm/M) in 180º sweep and 1/4 arc second (.00001"/ft or 0.0008mm/M) in 90º sweep).
  • Planes are mutually square to 1 arc sec (.00006"/ft or 0.005mm/M).
  • Includes Pitch/Roll/Yaw base with coarse and fine adjustments and lighted levels.
  • Levels accurate to 1 arc second (.00006"/ft or 0.005mm/M).
  • Standard target: A-1519-2.4ZB Single-Axis Wireless Scan Target with 1" Measuring Range and .0001" Resolution.
  • Uses A-1520-2.4ZB Single-Axis Wireless Scan Target with 1 Micron (.00004") resolution for higher accuracy applications.
  • Battery or AC powered
  • System uses Windows software for quickly recording and analyzing machine geometry data
  • Typical setup time 20 minutes or less
  • Completely self-contained
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