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Transfer-Line and Rotary Dial Machine Spindle Applications

Rotory Dial ApplicationsL-700 Spindle Alignment System

Since 1967, Hamar Laser has designed and manufactured alignment systems that offer unparalleled accuracy and alignment time savings. Our patented 4-axis L-700 Spindle Alignment System is a powerful alignment tool that will help you to align your rotary-dial machine applications up to 70% faster than conventional or interferometer methods. With an resolution of 0.00002" (0.0005 mm), live data output and large, color, computer graphics, the L-700 is the perfect tool to align large rotary dial machines quickly and accurately.

Simple Setup and Fixturing

The critical alignment of a rotary-dial machine is the axis of rotation of the spindle to the sub-spindle, tailstock or part holder. Tradition methods of aligning rotary-dial machines (indicators and alignment bars) are excruciatingly difficult and seem to take forever to perform. The L-700, by contrast, is extremely simple to set up. The .500" (12.7 mm ) stud on the laser is inserted into the spindle chuck and the laser beam is aligned to the axis of rotation of the spindle. The spindle axis of rotation can then be projected out to the part holder or sub-spindle, where the 4-axis target measures the entire travel of the spindle head for straightness, squareness to the part holder and parallelism to the ways.

Live Data and 4-Axis Target Speeds Alignment L-700 Spindle Alignmen - Live Data and 4-Axis Target Speeds Alignment

The L-700 significantly speeds machine alignment by simultaneously checking the vertical and horizontal center and angle readings, and providing live alignment data. This means alignment errors can be quickly and easily fixed without changing the setup. Our Windows 95/98 software has a large, color display of misalignment information and will even calculate shim values!

0.00002" Resolution Provides Very Accurate Alignment

Most rotary-dial machines make small, high-tolerance parts and require very accurate alignments. The L-700 Spindle Alignment system has a centering resolution of 0.00002" (0.0005 mm) and angular resolution of 0.00002 in/ft (.002 mm/M). That combined with software to correct mounting errors produces very accurate alignments; potentially less than .0001" under good environmental conditions.

How it Works
Transfer Spindle Alignment
Application Note



  • Simple fixturing for mounting the laser and target.
  • Center resolution of 0.00002" (0.0005 mm) and 0.00002 in/ft (.002 mm/M) angular resolution.
  • Live measurement data in 4 axes (vertical and horizontal angle and center).
  • Windows based software with large, color graphics.
  • Software corrects mounting errors and can calculates shim values if needed.
  • L-700 laser mounts in the spindle to project its axis of rotation up to 100' (30.5 M).
  • Vertical and horizontal controls for both angle and center for adjustment of laser to spindle's precise axis of rotation.
  • Visible light beam.
  • Laser runs for up to 8 hours on a standard, replaceable 9-volt battery.
  • Compact and rugged (4" L x 2.9" H x 1.75" W).
  • Needs only 10" (250 mm) of space between spindle and sub-spindle.


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