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L-700 Twin Barrel Extruder Laser Borescope

Twin-Barrel Extruders

Hamar Laser's alignment systems offer unparalleled accuracy and alignment timesavings. Using components from several different systems, Hamar Laser has developed a package to align twin-barrel extruders as quickly and accurately as possible. Our L-700 Spindle Laser and A-510 2-Axis Self-Centering Bore Target create a powerful package to align twin-barrel extruders up to 70% faster than conventional or optical borescope methods. With an accuracy of +/-.0002" (.005 mm) and large, color computer graphics, the L-700 is the perfect extruder alignment tool.

The alignment of the twin-barrel extruders has never been easy. Traditional methods, such as using indicators to line up the outside of each barrel section, are subject to large stack-up errors and make the assumption that the outside of the barrel is parallel to the center line of the bore. Given the long length of the barrel, a slight error of .001" to .002" (.025 mm or .05 mm) for each section can add up to .015" (.38 mm) or more misalignment at the free end of the barrel.

L-700 Laser Virtually Eliminates Stack-Up Error

The L-700 laser virtually eliminates indicator stack-up errors by projecting the axis of rotation of the gearbox drive shaft out to 100 feet (30.5 M). This provides a single reference from which each section of the barrel can then be aligned. A target resolution of .0001" (.003 mm) means very accurate alignment of each section of the extruder can be achieved.

Spindle Laser and Bore Targets

The system uses the L-700 Spindle Laser and the A-510 2-Axis Self-Centering Bore Target. The laser is fixtured onto the end of the gearbox drive shaft using a modified self-centering chuck. After mounting and qualifying the laser, the A-510 is inserted into the bore. A readout then displays the misalignment for both the horizontal and vertical axes.

NORMIN Procedure Eliminates Mounting Errors

The laser is mounted in the self-centering chuck fixture and affixed to the drive shaft. It is then qualified, or made parallel, to the axis of rotation by using our NORMIN method. This procedure eliminates mechanical mounting errors of the laser and puts it on the precise axis of rotation of the drive shaft.

Live Data Speeds Alignment

Since the target can simultaneously show a live display of both horizontal and vertical readings, you can start aligning each section of the extruder without changing the setup or moving the laser. When the readout reads zero in the front and back (if desired) of the bore of an extruder section, it is aligned.

How it Works
Twin Barrel Extruder


  • Simple fixturing to mount the laser onto the drive shaft projecting its axis of rotation to 100' (30.5 M).
  • Vertical and horizontal controls for both angle and center for adjustment of laser to shaft's precise axis of rotation.
  • Self-centering target comes with pole for insertion into long bores.
  • .0001" (.0025 mm) target cell resolution with live measurement data in two axes (vertical and horizontal center).
  • Visible light beam.
  • Hand-held LCD or large-display LED readouts show alignment data in 2 axes.
  • Laser runs for up to 8 hours on a standard, replaceable 9-volt battery.
  • Compact and rugged (4" L x 2.9" H x 1.75" W).
  • Windows based software with large, color graphics.


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