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L-700 4-Axis Spindle Alignment System

Headstock/Tailstock Spindle Alignment laser

The L-700 Spindle Alignment System has been helping Detroit build quality automobiles for over 10 years. Prior to the L-700, transfer lines were aligned with indicators and alignment bars. This often resulted in frequent shutdowns due to poorly aligned spindles causing premature tool wear. Poor alignment also resulted in high reject rates, excessive downtime and poor productivity. On one line alone, the L-700 was able to save one GM plant $1.2 million in reduced tooling costs and downtime in the first year of operation after laser aligning the whole transfer line.

The L-700 can also be used for aligning the critical components of a lathe, aligning spindle boxes of large rotary dial machines, aligning the output shaft to the centerline of a twin-barrel extruder and many other applications. When combined with our P-405 Remote Optical Square, the L-700 can also easily measure cross-slide squareness on a lathe.

The system includes a battery-operated laser with center and angle adjustments, a target that measures in 4 axes simultaneously, a newly redesigned computer interface with 0.00002" (0.0005 mm) resolution, a target calibration fixture and a portable computer with Hamar Spindle8 alignment software. For aligning dual or multiple spindle machines, a second target, laser and interface can be added.

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