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L-708 Self-Centering Bore Alignment System for Engine Blocks


L-708 Self-Centering Bore Alignment System for Engine Blocks

Hamar Laser produces the most accurate and portable bore alignment laser on the market today. In most cases, our bore alignment systems can fit into a case not much larger than a briefcase. With a variety of target options, Hamar Laser's bore alignment systems have a solution for you. There are self-centering targets, see-through targets, 2-axis targets and 4-axis targets, that use either hand-held readouts or Windows-based color software. And as with all of Hamar Laser's products, the data is live so if a bore is out of alignment, the laser can be used to bring it into tolerance.

The L-705 Bore Alignment Laser System has provided several automotive and diesel-engine manufacturers with a fast, reliable method of measuring the crankshaft bore for both straightness and size.

Significantly Reduce Inspection Times

The laser system has proven to decrease inspection times significantly and virtually eliminated dedicated, expensive gauging. The laser and target are adaptable to most bore applications. A simple holding fixture is all that is needed for mounting the laser.

Self-Centering Target

The target adapters feature a patented, self-centering design that has no moving parts, which increases the speed and accuracy of the system.

Ideal for Large Engine Blocks

The L-705 is ideal for measuring the straightness of engine block cylinder bores in both conventional automotive engine blocks, as well as the larger block designs used in trucks, farm implements and diesel locomotives.

Engine Block


Data Sheet
How it Works
How its works - Bore Alignment


  • Virtually instantaneous setup.
  • Built-in horizontal and vertical angular adjustments for quick referencing.
  • Target uses lightweight, customized bore adapters.
  • Laser beam straight to +/- .0001" (.0025 mm) in 10' (3 M) or +/- .001" (.025 mm) in 100' (30.5 M).
  • Easily accommodates bores as small as 1.5" (38.10 mm).
  • Self-centering target, with accuracy to .0002" (.005 mm), vastly simplifies measurement process.
  • Large digital display eliminates long cables.
  • Complete system weighs less than 15 lbs (6.7 kg).
  • Portable enough to fit into small carrying case.
  • Battery operated.
  • Dynamic or live display of component misalignment.



Optional Accessories

A-510 2-Axis Self-Centering Bore Target

A-510STA Self-Centering Small-Bore Target Adapter  for 2" to 5"  Bores

A-510LTA Self-Centering Large-Bore Target Adapter for 4.25" to 20" Bores

T-218 Universal "See-Through" Target

T-225L Large Bore Flange for T-218 Target

T-225T Tooling Sphere Flange for T-218 Target

T-231A 25" Target Extension Cable

T-1218 2-Axis Bore Target with 3.000" OD and 20x20 mm PSD

T-1220 2-Axis Bore Target with 4.000"  OD, "See-Through" Capability and 20x20 mm PSD

T-1255L Large-Bore Fixture for T-1220 Target with legs for 6" to 20" bores

T-1240 2-Axis Bore Target with "See-Through" Capability and 20x20 mm PSD

A-512  2-Axis Bore Target with Insertion Handle for A-514 Bore Adapters

A-514B Customized Extruder Target Adapter from 4" To 8" (101-200 mm)

A-514C Customized Extruder Target Adapter from 8" to 12" (200-200mm)

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