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L-705 Steam Turbine Alignment System

L-705 Steam Turbine Alignment System

Power Generation

In 1975, Hamar Laser built the first steam turbine laser alignment system for Westinghouse. Laser alignment saved the company significant time over traditional methods like tight wire, feeler gages (leads) or optics. With today's ad¬vanced laser sys¬tems, the timesaving benefit, as well as ac¬curacy, has increased dramatically. Ac¬cording to the Tennessee Valley Authority, their allocated time for alignment dropped by 50 percent when using our L-705 Turbine Alignment System.

Hamar Laser’s second generation of turbine alignment lasers are smaller, faster and even easier to set up than their predecessor, the L-711. There is virtually no warm up period and their smaller size has eliminated one of the reference targets, which has reduced setup time by over 1 hour.

Tight Wire No Longer Good Enough
L-705 Laser Bore Alignment Laser
Aligning Steam Turbine

The most common method of turbine align¬ment is the tight wire. Although tight wire has produced good results for many years, it is increasingly becoming outdated. It takes too long to set up, is subject to vibration, which limits other work during alignment and is subject to catenary sag and other environ¬mental influences. With power company con¬solidation and competitive power markets, shorter outages and more efficient turbines are critical to industry profitability.

The combination of the L-705 Turbine Alignment System, the L-740 Split-Joint Measuring System and the new S-680 5-Axis Shaft Alignment Systems create a powerful tool kit to significantly reduce turbine outages and increase efficiency.


The L-705/L-706 Turbine Alignment System

High Accuracy and Long Range
L-705 Laser Bore Alignment Laser
L-705 Bore Alignment Laser

The L-705 Steam Turbine Bore Alignment Laser is designed for turbine alignments up to 50 feet (15 M), although the laser can be used up to 100 feet (30M). Under good environmental conditions, the L-705 system has a bore centering accuracy of .002" (0.05 mm) over the whole range.

The L-706 Bore Alignment Laser is used for longer-distance applications up to 110 feet (33.5 M), where the angular resolution, which is three times higher than the L-705, allows the user to point the laser to .001" (0.025 mm) in 100 feet (31M). It has the same accuracy as the L-705 and when used with the fixtures and accessories of the L-705 Steam Turbine System, it is accurate to .005" in 100' (0.13 mm in 30 M).

Laser Virtually Eliminates Technician Measurement Variability

A big problem with tight-wire-based turbine alignment systems is trying to get good repeatability from one technician to the next. This is because the tight wire technique strongly depends on the technician's interpretation and skill, which has a big impact on repeatability from one shift to the next. With lasers, that problem is significantly reduced because laser beams do not have sag or kinks and are not susceptible to wind. In addition, by using sophisticated electronics to detect the laser beam, human interpretation of the readings is eliminated, making them very repeatable from one technician/shift to the next. This means that the technician will no longer record what he "thinks" the reading is; he will record what the reading actually is. Reduced technician variability means faster alignments and higher confidence in the alignment accuracy from one shift to the next.

Fast Alignment Can Save Days Off Outage

Sometimes days can be saved off an outage just from the fact that the L-705 laser system allows for other work to take place while the laser is being used. The tight wire, on the other hand, requires a lot of time to set up and settle down, and no other work can be performed while the wire is in use, as vibration will cause alignment errors. In addition, all the components (diaphragms, seals, etc) must be installed to do the alignment; otherwise the wire will have to be repeatedly broken down and set up again.

With L-705/706 Turbine Alignment System, components can be taken in and out of the shell while the laser is being used. Furthermore, the laser provides live data, which means that while the components are being moved, a large digital display shows a live display of the misalignment.

System Pays for Itself in Days

With higher accuracy and faster alignments, a steam turbine aligned with our L-705 will require less energy to generate a kilowatt of electricity and will come on line more quickly than when using other alignment methods. This reduction in cost is pure profit and can pay for the system in a matter of days.

Data Sheet
Application Note
How it Works
L-705 Steam Turbine Alignment System
Alignment System Features
R-1307 Readout
R-1307 Readout
  • Set up in 30 minutes or less
  • ± .001" (0.025 mm) in 40 feet (15 m) and +/- .0025" (0.13 mm) in 110" (33 M)
  • Wireless data transmission eliminates need for long cables
  • Simple, rugged fixturing
  • Laser alignment setup is very similar to tight wire methods, so it is easy to use and learn and reduces training costs
  • Laser and bore sweep unit use same fixture to speed setup
  • A-1511 Wand Bore Target speeds data taking and is very similar to inside-micrometer methods used in tight wire alignment
  • Portable, battery operated
  • Dynamic display of component misalignment
  • Wireless transmission of reference target data, eliminating long cables.


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