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L-705/L-706 Bore Laser Alignment System

L-705/L-706 Bore Laser Alignment System


The L-705 Laser Borescope is unparalleled for ease of use and fast extruder alignments. It is also highly accurate, which can help to triple the life of extruder barrels and screws. With barrels costing up to $5,000 and screws even higher, the L-705 Laser Borescope alignment system can pay for itself very quickly. It can further save money by reducing the electrical consumption of the motor. We've had one customer use a forklift to pull out the screw from one extruder and after laser alignment, slide it back in by hand!   

Any bore from 1.5" (38 mm) to 14" (356 mm) can easily be measured with our L-705 Laser Borescope. The heart of the system is our patented A-510 2-Axis Self-Centering Target that automatically finds the center of the bore with no moving parts. This allows nearly instantaneous bore measurements for alignment or straightness.


Our competitively priced L-705 Laser Borescope system is the fastest and most accurate extruder alignment system on the market. Its patented self-centering target and simple laser fixture are so easy to use you can have misalignment data in less than 10 minutes, including setup!


The L-705 Laser Borescope Alignment System

In most cases, an extruder can be completely aligned in less than 1½ hours, including setup! With simplified fixturing and self-centering targets, the alignment system can be set up and misalignment data taken in as little as 10 minutes. And in most cases, bore straightness data can be taken and analyzed in 15 minutes or less using our Bore9 software. Compared with optics that can take 2 hours just to set up, the L-705 can bring your extruders back on line, producing parts in record time.


Simple Fixturing for Fast Setup 


The L-705 Laser has been designed with a .750" (19 mm) mounting stud and flat face with magnets to hold it flush to fixturing. Since the laser beam is concentric to the OD to within .0005" (0.01 mm), a simple flat face and .750" (19 mm) hole on center is all that is needed to hold the laser (the extruder package includes a self-centering chuck fixture). In fact, the laser replaces the first reference target that a typical borescope would need.

Long Range and High Accuracy

The L-705 Laser Borescope has a range of 100 feet (30 M), and under good environmental conditions, it is accurate to .003" (0.08 mm) over the whole range. By carefully following the NORMIN procedure described below, accuracies of .0002" (.005) in 10 feet (3 M) can also be achieved.

Replaceable Adapter Legs for Each Barrel ID

Give us each extruder barrel ID and we make a set of legs customized to that ID. The legs insert into the A-510STA or A510LTA Bore Adapter Hubs to self-center the target in the barrel.


Patented, Self-Centering Target Bore Adapters

Hamar Laser has developed the world's first self-centering target (A-510)and bore adapter(A-510STA/A-510LTA)that uses no moving parts. It takes just seconds to position the target in the barrel for an accurate measurement down to .0005" (0.01 mm). See How the Alignment System Works for more information.

Barrel Wear Measurements

TheA-510STA (or LTA) Bore Adapter can be placed on the A-510 Target in two ways. With the adapter placed on the target in Self-Centering Mode, it will center itself into the barrel. By inserting the A-510STA (or LTA)in Measuring Mode, the adapter will measure diameter changes in the bore. To measure barrel wear/diameter changes, a measurement is taken with an inside micrometer of a reference bore, usually at the free end of the barrel. The target and adapter in Measuring Mode are inserted into the reference bore. A measurement is taken with the target in the NORMalposition and in the INverted position. The two readings are averaged and the result is the starting measurement for the laser. At each subsequent measuring point, two sets of readings, NORMaland INverted, are taken and averaged. Subtract the result from the reference measurement and the diameter change is produced.

L-705 System Features

  • 10-15 minute setup time
  • Built-in horizontal and vertical angular adjustments for quick referencing
  • Target uses lightweight, customized bore adapters
  • Self-centering target, accurate to .0002" (0.005 mm), vastly simplifies measurement process
  • Easily accommodates bores as small as 1.5" (38 mm)
  • Wireless transmission of alignment data to Bore9 software
  • Hand-held LED readouts show alignment data in 2 axes
  • Portable enough to fit into small carrying case. Entire system weighs less than 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
  • Large digital 2-axis display with wireless output to software
  • Laser beam straight to .0001" (.0025 mm) accuracy in 10' (3 M)  or .001" (.025mm)  accuracy in 100' (30 M)

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