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A-511 Wand Bore Target Aligning Steam  Turbine Diaphragms
A-511 Wand Bore Target Aligning Steam
Turbine Diaphragms

Hamar Laser is a worldwide leader in laser alignment technology. Behind that technology are employees dedicated to providing the best laser alignment and calibration machines, machine tool calibration, training and service to our customers. Our service and training department is staffed with industry experts who can apply our lasers to almost any alignment application.

Whether it's a steam turbine, motor / pump alignment, roll alignment or a wastewater oscillation tank, our staff has the experience to do the job faster and with better results than almost anyone else in the industry today. In fact, the same staff that trains and certifies our laser equipment customers also provides our laser alignment services.

Most Experienced Laser Alignment & Calibration Technicians in the Industry

Our service and training manager, Darel Ford, has nearly 20 years of experience using our laser alignment systems for machine tool calibration and alignment including steam turbine, motor / pump and roll. Our other technicians have between 5 and 15 years of experience using our laser equipment. There are very few applications that our technicians have not already successfully aligned. With experience like this, we can successfully apply our alignment machines to even the most obscure applications.

Manufacturer-Supported Service Division

Hamar Laser Alignment and Calibration Services is wholly owned and operated by Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc. This means we have an extensive inventory of alignment and machine tool calibration equipment, while most of our competitors have only one system. So if there is a problem in the field, replacement equipment is only a phone call away.

Why Hamar Laser Alignment & Calibration Services Are Better

With their vast experience, our technicians can set up the lasers quicker and perform machine tool calibration faster than almost anyone offering those services today. Their experience is not just limited to laser systems they also have extensive experience as machine tool repairmen. This means they will know where to position targets to maximize the power of our laser alignment systems and to minimize time-consuming mistakes. They can even help spot machine tool problems not associated with alignment and calibration!

Our technicians are also experts at designing and building fixturing for the majority of machine tool calibration and laser alignment applications including steam turbine, motor / pump and roll. They work closely with local machining vendors to ensure the fixture is machined correctly and as cost-effectively as possible.

There's More to CNC Machine Tool Calibration than Just Linear Positioning

Many service companies that only use interferometers mistakenly claim that calibrating linear positioning is all that is needed to restore machine tool calibration and performance. While it's true that linear positioning is important, it is NOT the only factor. Calibrated linear positioning will not correct a face cut that is out of tolerance due to a straightness problem or an elliptical hole in a part due to machine squareness problems. These and many other part-quality issues can only be cured by proper geometric laser alignment.

The right way to calibrate machinery is to check the machine tool geometry (alignment) FIRST. Linear positioning should be calibrated only after the machine has been properly aligned.

Hamar Laser's Alignment and Calibration ServicesHamar Laser's Alignment and Calibration Services, for items including steam turbines, motors / pumps and rolls, use our patented geometry laser equipment before we even open our interferometer case. When we are satisfied that a machine has been properly aligned, we use our Renishaw interferometer to quickly and accurately calibrate linear positioning.

When your machine is put back on line it will operate at peak performance. Downtime, scrap rates and quality problems will improve significantly. Another benefit of properly calibrated machinery is that parts will take less time to set up. (See this John Deere article to learn more. Acrobat Plug-in required (18K))


Laser Alignment and Linear Calibration

With our vast experience in numerous industries, we offer laser alignment and/or linear calibration services in the following industries:

  • Machine Tool Calibration Equipment - CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers/boring mills, gantries, VTLs, turning centers, lathes, CMMs, roll-forming mills, and presses.
  • Automotive Transfer Lines - Spindle alignment to master part (single or multi-spindles), wing bases, and CNC machines.
  • Bore Alignment - Crankcases, cylinders, boring-bar bearings, oscillation-tank bearing bores, turbine wicket-gate bushing bearings, and any other bore-type alignment.
  • Plastics Processing - Injection molding machines, extruders, twin-barrel extruders, and motor / pump alignment.
  • Steam and Gas Turbines - Steam and gas turbine bore alignment, split/horizontal joint measurement, shaft alignment, and wicket-gate-bushing bore alignment.
  • Process Mill Roll Alignment - Paper machines, printing presses, film lines, blown-film lines, textile, steel, aluminum, and any other roll alignment application.
  • Shaft Alignment - Pump-to-motor, fans and compressors, turbines, vertical pumps, trains, and pulleys/sheaves.
  • Aerospace - Spar mills, gantries, VTL's and aircraft assembly.
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