T-271 Universal Virtual Target

T-271 Virtual Target



The T-271 Virtual Target is designed specifically for spherical bearings to align them down to accuracies of .0005” (0.013 mm).  It comes with a bore adapter that is customized for the specific bore ID.  The target works by using an optical trick to center the PSD (laser sensor) axially in the bearing so the squareness of the bearing to the centerline will NOT affect the target’s measurement of the radial centering (alignment).  This eliminates the need of fixtures to hold the bearing square to the centerline.   

The target sets up in a few minutes and provides live alignment data via our R-1307 readouts.   With the use of customized bushing adapters, the bore adapter can be customized to most ID’s above .25” (6.4 mm). 



  • Spherical bearings in aircraft hinge lines

  • Small bore with rear-mount applications

  • Boring bar spherical bearings



    • Virtual target design optically centers the laser position sensor (PSD) axially which eliminates the need to make sure the bearing is square to the centerline.

    • Accurate to .0005” (0.013 mm)

    • 2-axis PSD with 10x10 mm measuring area, giving +/- .100” (+/- 2.5 mm) effective measuring range

    • Comes with customized adapter for 1 bearing ID.

    • Can be combined with bearing bushing adapters to customize to other bearing ID’s.

    • Use with R-1307 readouts to display data with a resolution of .00004” (0.001 mm)

    • Use wireless version of R-1307 (R-1307-2.4ZB) to transmit data to PC for data recording.



Target Housing



14 oz (392 g)

PSD Concentricity:

.0005" (0.013 mm) TIR to bore adapter


.00004" (.001 mm) with R-1307 Readouts

Effective PSD Range:

+/- .100" (2.5 mm) single axis in both axis (PSD size – beam diameter)

PSD Linearity:

1-5% (See Target Cell Accuracy for details)

Cord Dimensions:

Target to Lemo connector 10 ft. (3 M)

Mounting Dimensions:

Customizable to bearing ID’s.