The T-218 Universal Target is a two-axis, "see-through" target designed for multiple-target, centering applications, like turbine or other large bore applications. A small mirror directs the beam to the target cell that is 90º to the centerline; this mirror can be flipped out of the way to allow the laser beam to pass through the target body without optical interference. The T-218T can be used with the T-225(L) flange(s) adapter(s), tooling sphere, turbine mounting fixtures, the T-230 target stand, or custom fixtures. Used with the L-700, L-705, and L-720M lasers. T-218T has an adapter flange for turbine alignment applications.


  • Turbine Bores
  • Hinge Lines
  • General Bores, large and small
  • Cam/Crankshaft/Cylinder Bore Alignment/Inspection
  • Bar Feeders


  • "See-through" target with small mirror that flips out allowing the beam to pass entirely through the target.
  • Compatible with the R-307 Dual-Axis Readout, R-307V Large LED Dual-Axis Readout and the R-355/R-358 Computer Interface and with future readout designs.
  • Three flanges adapter for bores, centerlines, and tooling spheres make designing and building fixtures easy.


Weight: 15 oz. (429 g)
Material 440C stainless steel, RC54-58 hardness
Resolution: Center: .0001" (.0025 mm)
Linearity: Within 5%(See Target Cell Accuracy for details)
Range: +/- .150" (3.8 mm) in both axes
Cord DImensions: Target to connector - 10 ft. (3.05 meters)
Connector: 8 pin CPC
Mounting Dimensions: 2.2490" - 2.2495" (57.125 mm to 57.137 mm) outer diameter
Center Centering within .001" (.025 mm) TIR (electrical center to mechanical center)


 Diemensions T-218 UNIVERSAL