The T-212 4-Axis Target is a general-purpose target that provides both 2-axis centering and squareness (pitch and yaw) measurements. To switch from center mode to squareness mode, a precision lens (1" focal length) is inserted into the face of the target. The target is extremely useful for aligning headstocks to tailstocks on lathes, measuring squareness on machining centers and aligning spindles in transfer lines. It can be used with the L-700, L-705, L-720, and L-720M lasers. A .500" (12.7 mm) diameter stud at the rear of the T-212 allows easy mounting and simplified fixture design.


  • Rotary dial machines
  • Vertical and horizontal machining centers
  • Lathe alignment
  • Printing press side frames
  • Transfer-line spindle alignment
  • Boring-bar bearings
  • Bar feeders


  • Fast, easy 2-axis measurement of both center and angle with one setup.
  • The .500" (12.7 mm) diameter stud allows easy mounting and simplified fixture design.
  • Can be used with the R-307 Dual-Axis Readout, the R-307V Large LED Dual-Axis Readout, the R-355 and
    R-358 Computer Interfaces and with future readout designs.


Weight: 14 oz. (392 g)
Material Hardness: 440C stainless Rockwell RC55-60
Target Cell Concentricity: .0005" (.013 mm) T.I.R. to stud of target
Lens Axis Squareness: .0005"/inch (.5 mm/M) T.I.R. to face of target
Resolution: Center: .0001" (.0025 mm)
Angular: .0001"/in (0.01 mm/M)
Repeatability of Lens
+/- .0001"/inch (.01 mm/M)
Target Cell Range: +/- .150" (3.8 mm) in both axes
Linearity: Within 5% (See Target Cell Accuracy for details)
Cord Dimensions: Target to connector 10 ft. (3 M)
Mounting Dimensions: 1.500" (38.1 mm) O.D. with .500" (12.7 mm) diameter concentric mounting stud


Dimensions T-212 4-AXIS TARGET