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Plane5 is a windows-based program that analyzes almost any layout for flatness and squareness. Shapes, such as squares, rectangles, frames, circles, rings, and up to 5 sets of ways can all be easily analyzed. The data is automatically downloaded by using either the R-355 Computer Interface or our new wireless data receiver, the A-908.

During loading, Plane5 searches the available COM ports for the target type and communication devise connected to the computer, and automatically selects the items found. A NEW PROJECT page is then displayed.

The NEW PROJECT page allows the user to define a new project. Up to 3 surfaces, 1 horizontal and 2 vertical, and their shapes (square, rectangle, frame, circle, ring, or up to 5 ways) are chosen. The X,Y dimensions of each surface as well as the number of points to be measured are entered. The laser setup wizard may then be used to aid in making the laser plane parallel to reference points.

 The DATA TAKING screen displays a grid of one of the surfaces to be measured. Using the mouse, the cursor is moved to the first data point and the space bar is depressed or the mouse clicked, recording the measurement. The software puts a square over the recorded point and automatically moves to the next point. When the cursor is moved back to a point already measured, a display of the X,Y coordinate and the measurement is displayed. The point can then be retaken, if needed

 The PLOT DATA screen graphically displays a 3D plot of the flatness of the surface. Up to 3 surface plots (1 horizontal and 2 vertical) can be displayed on the graph. For each surface, the data is plotted and the least-squares best-fit plane is drawn. The graph can also show high and low points, grid lines and the slope high point of the best-fit line. A display box shows the X,Y coordinates and the measurement point when the cursor passes over a point on the graph. The TIR and high and low points are also shown for each surface. The user can rotate each graph and zoom in on certain sections for detailed analysis.


  • Windows 95/98 based color software for measuring flatness, squareness and parallelism.
  • Up to 3 surfaces, 1 horizontal and 2 vertical, can be analyzed in the same file.
  • Multiple surface shapes (squares, rectangles, ways, frames, circles and rings) can easily be measured and analyzed.
  • Compatible with all old and new Hamar Laser continuously rotating laser systems.
  • Laser setup wizard aids in making laser plane parallel to reference points.
  • Random data function for quick learning of functionality before use.
  • Graphs show the least-squares best-fit plane, high and low points, grid lines and the slope high point of the best-fit line.
  • Graph zooming capabilities to analyze small sections of surface.
  • Graph rotating tools to analyze flatness from different views.
  • Online help screens.


S-1388 Plane5   S-1388 Plane5 Project setup screen
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S-1388 Plane5 Data taking Help screen