Hamar Laser manufactures the most accurate, versatile and portable bore alignment laser system available: The L-707.

Data taking targets include: self-centering, see-through, 2-axis and 4-axis targets, hand-held readouts and windows-based software to display and analyze data in real time.

L-707 Bore Alignment Lasers can be used for a variety of bore alignment and measurement applications: engine block bearings, compressor bores, shaft bearing bores, stern tubes and many more.


* Automotive, Marine & Locomotive Engine Blocks
. Crankshaft and camshaft line bores.
. Cylinder straitness

* Manufacturing & Metalworking
. Boring bar bearing alignment.
. Deep bore straightness checks on parts.
. Workpiece bore to spindle alignment.

* Marine
. Propeller shaft bearing bores.
. Stern tube alignment.

* Power Generation
. Steam turbines.
. Gas turbines.

* Plastics
. Extruder barrel alignment.
. Extruder bore straightness and wear.

* Areospace
. Hinge line spherical bearing bores.


* Adaptable to most bore applications.
* Fast, easy setup using simple self-centering adapters.
* Setup and start capturing alignment data in under 20 minutes.
* Measure diameters from 3.5" (86 mm) to 40" + (1 M).
* Adjustable legs will fit any bore diameter.
* Leg Setting Gage centers adapters to .0003" (.0075 mm).
* Live "real-time" data display with large color graphics.
* Choice of standard LED readout, or add a second readout to transmit readings wirelessly up to 100' (30.5 M).
* Operational range up to 50' (15.2 M).
* Durable and rugged design.


L-707 Laser

Size See line drawings below
Weight 1.7 lbs. (0.5 kilograms)
Power 9V external battery / AC adapter

Laser aperture ground concentric within .0003" (0.008 mm) No adjustment

Angle Controlled by two high-pitch adjustment knobs. Can be set to .001" (.025 mm) in 40' (12.2 M)
Angular Adjustment Range +/- 0.18 degrees (+/- .375 in/ft or +/- 3.13 mm/M)
Operating Distance Up to 50' (14.2 M) recommended
Laser Beam Diameter Laser < 0.25 in / 6.4 mm dia (Up to 30'/ 9M)
Beam Straightness .00001"/ft (.0008 mm/M)
Beam Stability