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S-1401 Multi-Readout Software

Multiple Readout Display Software for up to 15 Target

S-1401 Multi-Readout Software
S-1401 Multi-Readout SoftwareNormal Position
S-1401 Multi-Readout SoftwarePosition Out of Tolerance
S-1401 Multi-Readout SoftwareTarget Not Detected
S-1401 Multi-Readout SoftwareLaser Off Target
S-1401 Multi-Readout SoftwareLow Battery Status
S-1401 Multi-Readout Software

Software Features

  • Displays position readings and error messages for up to 15 A-1519 Universal Wireless Targets using one A910 Radio Transceiver.
  • Two display modes:
    • Combined View displays all target position readings and warnings and the data log.
    • Full Screen Mode displays either group of targets (1-10 and 11-15).
  • Easy to configure, with options including:
    • Communications Communications – select the COM Port assigned to the A-910 Transceiver.
    • Display Settings select the units of measure, resolution and other display options.
    • Target Specifications – specify a target description, tolerances and offsets. Targets may be displayed by their target network ID or by a custom target description.
  • Easily viewed readings and status conditions, including Normal Position, Position Out of Tolerance, Target Not Detected, Laser Off Target and Low Battery Status.
  • Editable target specifications, including tolerances and offsets (target zero reference)for each target. Offsets may be entered manually or calculated automatically.
  • During data taking, the data may be edited or deleted and notes may be added to the individual readings.
  • Once a project is completed and saved, data may be previewed and exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word for printing.
  • Applications include:
    • Deflection monitorin
    • Multi-target alignment of any surface
    • Long-term data collecting with multiple targets
    • Aerospace assembly
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