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FAQ for laser alignment systems

  • Q: How do geometry lasers work?

    A: Systems consist of a laser, targets and data display or computer software. Lasers emit flat planes and/or lines that are aligned to a machine's datum or to gravity (level). They provide a reference to measure other points using position-sensitive laser targets. The data display or computer software shows the deviations and allows to use to make corrections in real time.

  • Q: What geometric characteristics are measurable?

    A: Straightness, perpendicularity, flatness, parallelism and concentricity. Applications include spindle, turbine, coupling and sheave alignment.

  • Q: How precise is laser measurement?

    A: The accuracy is within .00004" in 5' depending on the laser . This is equivalent to slicing the thickness of a sheet of paper 75 times.

  • Q: Why do I need a laser system? I have other methods that seem to work well.

    A: Other alignment methods are slow, less accurate and only tell you what's wrong. Geometry lasers are easier to set up, simpler to use and show you how to actually fix alignment problems.

  • Q: Machine manufacturers never mention the need to realign my machine tools. Is periodic alignment really necessary?
    A: Yes. Normal wear and tear, vibration, metal fatigue, temperature, humidity changes, accidents, and many other conditions can cause misalignment.
  • Q: How much do alignment systems cost?

    A: Systems are priced from $4,000 to $45,000 (U.S.), depending on the application.

  • Q: How much can I save?

    A: Our customers have reported saving in excess of $1 million over the course of one year. The savings vary by application and many other factors.

  • Q: Who uses geometry lasers?
    A: Major manufacturers like Boeing, John Deere, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Corning, Vought Aircraft, Giddings & Lewis, Ingersoll, G.E., Husky, Heidelberg, Battenfeld, and many others are all committed to geometry laser technology.
  • Q: S-680 Wireless 5-Axis Shaft Alignment System

    For those complex applications that demand precision, the S-680 utilizes super-linear PSDs combined with highly advanced electronic design to produce the most accurate system in the world today. Add in the most advanced, feature rich software on the market and Bluetooth® wireless communication and you have a shaft alignment system that rises to the top of a crowded market.

    We designed our software to guide the user through the alignment and if needed, help text is just a click away. Advanced machine graphics continuously update showing the alignment of the motor as you move it.

    The S-680’s industry-leading accuracy comes from our patented Dual-Beam™ Technology that allows the measurement of offset and angle simultaneously with one PSD (sensor), thus eliminating 50% of measurement errors when using 2 sensors (all other systems use 2 sensors). But we didn’t stop there. We went even further by using super-linear, 33-mm PSD’s and state-of-the-art electronics to produce measurement accuracy that is 7-13 times better than our competitor’s high-end systems.

    Our step-by-step software guides the user through the alignment and allows it to be used by the most inexperienced millwright but with the upgrade capability for more advanced users.


    Dual-Beam™ Technology - Our patented technology that allows measurement of center offset and angle simultaneously with one only PsD sensor, reducing measurement errors by 50%

    Super Linear 33x13 mm PSD Detector - 0.5 Micron Resolution - laser industry’s highest-resolution 2-axis, super-linear PsD sensor, providing 0.5 micron resolution and a measuring area of 33 mm (V) x 13 mm (h), another industry best.

    Bluetooth® Wireless Communication - internal Bluetooth transmitter with a range from target to PDa or tablet of up to 100' (30 m).

    Super Linear 33x13 mm PSD Detector - 0.5 Micron Resolution - laser industry’s highest-resolution 2-axis, super-linear PSD sensor, providing 0.5 micron resolution and a measuring area of 33 mm (V) x 13 mm (h), another industry best.

    15X Higher Accuracy - super-linear PSD technology and full linearization has reduced the s-680's error to <0.15%, up to 15x higher than our competitors, giving you the most accurate measurement on the market.

    4-Axis (2 Plane) Live Move Screens - featuring our Duo-Plane™ move screen, Couple6 offers 2 simultaneously updating measurement planes (4 axes), allowing horizontal and vertical alignment at the 12:00 position! Dynamic 4-axis motor graphics instantaneously show how much the motor moves as you adjust it.

    Industry's Longest Wireless Battery Life - laser and target use the latest in lithium polymer battery technology, which offers the industry’slongest battery lives of over 14 hours of continuous use!

    Auto Sweep™ simply the best data taking method. Period. - start rotating the shafts and the built-in accelerometer detects the movement, automatically collecting hundreds of data points and sending them to the software without pushing any buttons. stop rotating the shafts and the software starts calculating the misalignment. hundreds of data points means more accurate alignment data and less rework.


    Fully Loaded Feature Package - All Features Couple6 license that includes all the optional features, such as Point Mode, Uncouled Mode, Bolts Bound™, Arc Mode™ and many more.

    Uncoupled Mode - Utilizing the auto sweep™ swipe mode function, uncoupled alignments are fast and easy: rotate laser to any point, sweep the target by, and the software automatically records the measurement data point.

    Complete Bracket Set - Kit comes with enough chain to align 1" (25.4 mm) to 12" (304.8 mm) diameter shafts. Comes with 4.5" (114 mm), 6.88" (175 mm), 8.88" (226 mm) and 12.88" (317 mm) posts.

    Ruggedized Industrial PDA, Tablet or Optional Laptop Display - Windows®-based PDA, tablet or laptop with large screen, IP65 or IP67 environmental rating, 8-15 hour battery life.


    Couple6 Alignment Screen Featuring Duo-Plane™ 4-Axis Move Screen



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