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Having or marked by parts radiating from a common center. Moving or directed along a radius.


Points chosen on a surface or in a bore that represent the starting point (reference) for which all other points on the surface or in a bore will be compared. Also referred to as a datum. For bore, spindle and rotating shaft applications 2 reference points are needed to establish a datum. For surfaces, 3 reference points are needed to establish a datum.


A 2-axis bore target that automatically centers itself in a bore with no moving parts.


An aerospace term used to describe a reference plane that runs perpendicular to the buttock lines of the aircraft. An aircraft contains several station planes. They are often also referred to as bulkhead-section planes.


The state of having a line that extends continuously in the same direction without curving.


Calculated by adding the normal and inverted readings and dividing the result by 2. TCE is a measure of how far from a bore center the target's center actually is. Can be used to adjust raw readings to find true bore centering error (BCE).


This is used when measuring the parallelism or levelness of rolls. With the target facing the laser, the roll is rotated slightly back and forth until the highest point is determined, which is the top dead center of the roll. This should be used when tight tolerances are needed or when it is difficult to determine if the target is near top dead center, usually when measuring vertical rolls.


An aerospace term used to describe a horizontal reference plane that runs throughout the aircraft. Many surfaces and interior features are made parallel to this reference plane.

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