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Hinge Line Alignment

The L-705 laser is directly mounted into the first (near) hinge-line bushing location, using a modified nosepiece on the front of the laser. A T-212 Target is then mounted into the last (far) hinge line bushing and a readout device is connected to the target.

Using the micrometers on the back of the laser, it is then adjusted until the target reading is zero (.000") in both axes. The laser is now "bucked-in".

To perform the measurements and alignmen,t the operator uses a T-271 Virtual Target. The target is supplied with adapters to fit the various bushing diameters as specified by the customer. The 2-axis target provides a center reading for both the vertical and horizontal axes. The design of the target and its adapter allow the PSD to act as if it is positioned on the pivot point of the bushing, whether it is a spherical or conventional straight-type bushing. Therefore, by having the PSD on the pivot point, the target does not have to be perfectly square to the laser beam to provide accurate measurements.

The operator moves the target from bushing to bushing and either makes measurements only, or he can choose to adjust each bushing as he goes through the measurement process, using the target as live indicator of the adjustments to the bushings.

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