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We have been using Hamar laser equipment for about 14 years and have had nothing but great support from your staff all around, from your receptionist to those doing sales and service. Last year, Craig in your service depart worked closely with us to adapt a 1308 readout to use a heavier duty plug vs the smaller standard plug used to connect with one of the A1519 sensors. Your ability to work with us to customize our equipment was much appreciated, and a testament to your willingness to listen to the needs of your end user.


Our turbine alignment business depends on our gear being both accurate and dependable, and Hamar Laser delivers on both fronts. Without the equipment you manufacture and your customer support, it would be much harder for me to run my business.

Thanks for your continued support.


Charles Monestere
Operations Manager ‐ Alignment Services
Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, Ltd

In late 2010 our company received an order to develop a system that would make precise measurements of inner diameter and non - linearity of refurbished oil rig pipes. The idea was to combine several measuring sensors (diameter, non-linearity, inclinometer, rangefinder) in one autonomous wireless probe. The first challenge was to find manufacturers who were willing to work with OEMs. The second challenge was to find an alignment system. Thus there are many different systems on the market we could only find one that claimed to have suitable accuracy with proper sensor size. And that was L706 system from Hamarlaser. Mr Rod Hamar gladly agreed to customize system circuitry to fit in our probe. While working on the project we faced several programming problems. Those were solved fast by Hamarlaser support. And several microprogram changes were made to match our protocols. The system proved to be reliable, robust and even more accurate then we needed. Proudly made in USA that is exactly about Hamarlaser.


Yuri Bochavich
Diezel Test Kit, Ltd.
Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The machine move stage is the most critical step in any alignment. Behind its great graphics, this is where we have seen the very high resolution and accuracy of the system pay real dividends, because the live move data on a Stealth system has proven to be dependable and accurate like never before. I have been very impressed to be able to align a new motor to close tolerances on several occasions with only one alignment measurement, one combined vertical and horizontal live-move correction and a confirmation retest – job done! more...

Best regards


Paul Frecker
IS Tecnik

Just a note to let you know, we completed alignment of the Mazak Slant bed lathe shortly after you and Guy finished your visit with us.

We found the head was out of parallel with the bed along with level and twist in the bed. As a result we were able to re-level and adjust the machine to accuracies within tenths regardless of position through the length of travel.

This is the beginning I was sure we could get to and I appreciate your help in getting there. Now I have to drive this program to a consistent level but this helps greatly.

Thanks again


Christopher G.
Equipment Engineer
Rolls Royce Corporation
Indianapolis, Plant #5

We have used the system now, and it really is good. We used it on an old (circa 1950) crusher motor (200 hp 550 RPM) with a horrible motor base. It helped us get through the massive soft foot issues reasonably quickly, and the alignment was a breeze once we were done with that. The controls were simple and intuitive, and the touch screen made data entry very quick. The constant updates while we moved the motor made the adjustments very easy. The Bluetooth was also very convenient. It was something we initially thought wasn’t necessary, but with large motors it was very nice to be able to walk around with the PDA. It had very good range too. We finished with the motor aligned within very tight tolerances. Overall, I am very happy with the system. I was able to pick it up, and align a motor accurately the first time, with very little training and no previous alignment experience. Thank you for making such an easy to use and accurate system.


Jeff F.
Engineer Roanoke Cement Company

We adopted the use of the Hamar Laser Alignment System since 2005 and have not looked back since. It has proven that with its high accuracy and easy to train equipment, our machines performance has improved tremendously. Not only that, it allowed our machines to run at much faster speeds than designed plus producing finer copper foil, reliably. With this experience, we have started to equip our other sister plants around the world.


Cheng L. C.
Engineering Manager
Mitsui Copper Foil Malaysia

ROI on our L-742 [Roll Alignment system] was 3 months! Thanks for a top-shelf ‘rubber meets the road’ solution.


John M.
Shurtape Technologies, LLC

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