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Roll Alignment

Roll parallelism and alignment laser Whether you have a paper mill, printing press or textile mill, your business can benefit from laser roll alignment. Our patented, state-of-the-art laser alignment systems are up to six times more accurate than and twice as fast as theodolites. The system can align one roll to another that is 200 feet away to within .005". And that's an honest .005", not what some technicians think they see in their theodolites. Furthermore, unlike theodolites, only one technician is needed to run our roll alignment laser system, which frees up critical maintenance staff during shutdowns.

One example of the power of L-742 or L-732 Roll Alignment Machine is the alignment of a Mark IV printing press during the installation. It took the technician only 3 days to align the whole press. When they were done, the press was spun up and it immediately went to rated speed with no more adjustments. The consultant for the customer said he had never seen anything like that in his 30 years of installing printing presses using theodolites.

With the introduction our 2 new lines of continuously rotating laser roll alignment systems, we now have the perfect system to match your accuracy needs. We have taken our innovative design for high-accuracy roll alignment and applied to lower-accuracy applications, such as steel mills, aluminum continuous casting machines, rubber mills and textile mills.

The systems come in 2 accuracy grades: the L-732 Precision Roll Alignment System and the L-742 Ultra-Precision Roll Alignment System. The L-732 is designed for those applications with accuracy needs of 0.00012"/ft (0.01 mm/M) or higher and the L-742 is for those applications with accuracy needs of 0.00003"/ft (0.0025 mm/M) or higher.


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