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alignment lasers for plastics applications The plastics industry has seen an increase in the sophistication and accuracy of the parts they are being asked to produce. This has led to an increase in the need for their machines to be better maintained and aligned.

To meet this need, Hamar Laser has developed several lines of laser systems that quickly and accurately calibrate almost any kind of plastics machinery. These lasers have dramatically improved extruder barrel and screw life, injection-molding-machine mold/tool life, part-flashing and reduced tie-bar expenditures. Film lines (blown and regular) have also benefited greatly from laser alignment with significant reductions in product wrinkling and wander.

Optics (borescopes and transits) have been the traditional method for alignment in the plastics industry. While doing an adequate job, optics are no longer good enough for today's high-tolerance marketplace, especially when you consider that very soon entire engine blocks will be molded out of special plastic resins.

Our laser systems are faster, up to 3 times in some cases, and much more accurate that optics (0.5 micron resolution and plane flatness of 0.0000155"/ft or 0.001mm/M). Lasers are much lighter and more portable, and easier to learn and to use than most optical alignment systems (some optical systems require 2 weeks of training).

We manufacture lasers to align extruders, injection-molding machines, film lines and even the motors that drive them. We offer two basic types of alignment systems for plastics processing applications:

  1. Straight-Line Laser Systems - designed for single and twin-barrel extruders bore and shaft alignment applications.
  2. Continuously Rotating Laser Systems - designed for injection molding machine and film line (roll alignment) applications.

Our continuously rotating laser systems come in 2 accuracy grades: the L-730 Precision Series and the L-740 Ultra-Precision Series. Each series offers 4 different laser systems with single, dual and triple-plane versions. The L-730 Series is designed for those with accuracies needs of 0.00012"/ft (0.01 mm/M) or higher and the L-740 Series is for those with accuracy needs of 0.00002"/ft (0.0017 mm/M) or higher.

Whether you are a manufacturer of injection molding machines or a user of extruders, you will benefit from investing in our laser alignment systems. In the majority of cases, our lasers will pay for themselves in the very first year.

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