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L-700 Lathe and Turning Center Alignment

Our patented 4-axis L-700 Spindle Alignment System is a powerful spindle alignment tool that will help you to align boring mill, cylindrical grinding, lathe and turning-center applications up to 70% faster than conventional or interferometer methods. With a resolution of .00002" (.0005 mm), live data output and large, color computer graphics, the L-700 is the perfect tool to align headstocks, spindles, sub-spindles and tailstocks quickly and accurately.

Turning Center Alignment Simplified Even on Large Lathes

The critical alignment of a lathe or other turning-type machine is the parallelism of the axis of rotation (AOR) of the spindle to the machine bed and alignment to the tailstock, sub-spindle, turret or tool holder's AORs.

Conventional methods are very cumbersome and time consuming and are practically useless on large lathes. The L-700 is a spindle alignment tool that vastly simplifies the task by inserting the laser right into the spindle chuck and the T-261 4-Axis Target into the sub-spindle or tailstock. The laser is aligned to the spindle axis of rotation out to 100' (30.5 M). This becomes the reference from which the ways, tool holder and tailstocks can be measured and aligned using the T-261. The software displays a live reading of the horizontal and vertical center (offset) readings and the horizontal and vertical angular (slope) readings of the tailstock to the headstock.

Live Display of Misalignment Data in 10 minutes

Live Display of Misalignment Data in 10 minutes The L-700 Spindle Alignment Tool is so easy to set up that you can have a quick measurement of misalignment data in 10 minutes. The Windows-based software speeds setup and data taking and even corrects for mechanical mounting errors!

As with all Hamar Laser products, the L-700 provides a live display in four axes of misalignment data, which means you can align the tailstock, sub-spindle, etc. while the laser is still in the machine. This is especially useful for tailstock alignment, as it requires 4-axis calibration (horizontal center and angle and vertical center and angle).

High Resolution (.00002") Improves Part Quality

The L-700 has a resolution of .00001" (0.00025 mm) or better for center measurements and .00001"/ft (0.0008 mm/M) for angular measurements. This extremely high resolution provides the accuracy to dramatically improve your lathe's quality performance and improve its scrap rate. Also by periodically checking a lathes alignment can head off future quality problems before they hit the bottom line.

Align Lathe Headstock to Its Bed up to 100 Feet

With the 100-foot (30.5 M) range of the L-700, even the largest lathes can be quickly aligned. Since the L-700 is aligned to the axis of rotation of the spindle, it projects that axis out to 100 feet (30.5 M), allowing the entire length of the lathe to be aligned without changing setups. This is of particular value to large lathes where alignment bars are not practical.

Cross-Slide Squareness our P-405 Remote Optical Square or our L-741 Laser System, measuring the squareness of the cross slide is a simple task. The P-405 is placed into the laser beam and made perpendicular to it using the T-261 Target. A penta prism is then inserted into the P-405 fixture to bend the input beam 90º and produce an automatically rotating laser plane that is square to axis of rotation of the spindle. A single-axis target then measures the cross-slide squareness.

P-405 Remote Optical Square

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