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Fabrication flatness, straightness, squareness, parallelism laser Our new line of lasers has been designed specifically for the fabrications and fabricating machinery industries. We have taken our 36 years of metrology innovation in high-accuracy, machine-tool applications and applied it to lower-accuracy fabricating applications.

Typically the only alignment method that could be justified in the fabrications and fabricating machinery industries is optical theodolites or transits. These are very time consuming and require at least 2 technicians to operate. Alignment for the fabrications industry is now a whole lot easier with the introduction of our L-730 Series of laser alignment systems.

The L-730 Series offers the most accurate, fast and affordable alignment system on the market today that it will make you want to scrap your optical instruments. All of the lasers feature continuously sweeping laser planes and targets with large measuring areas and high resolutions.

For basic leveling applications, there is not a better, faster or more economical laser than the L-730 Precision Leveling Laser. If basic squareness measurements are needed, the L-741 adds a plumb laser beam to the L-730's continuously sweeping laser plane. For water-jet machines, laser cutting machines and roll alignment, the L-732 has 2 perpendicular continuously rotating laser planes for extremely fast and accurate alignments, usually with one setup! The top-of-the-line laser is the L-733 with 3 continuously rotating laser planes for extremely fast and accurate alignments of lower-accuracy machining centers and other similar alignments.

All of these lasers can also be used to check the alignment of fabrications, as well. They are much faster, far easier to use and require less manpower than optical alignment methods. For example, alignments typically can be completed with 50% fewer technicians and 50% faster than optical theodolites. In addition, these lasers are so easy to use that the longest training course is 4 days versus up to 2 weeks for theodolites. The best news of all is the pricing on these lasers is now much more competitive with optics.

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