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Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment Laser System

Self-Centering Bore Alignment Systems

Hamar Laser makes the most accurate, easy to use and portable bore alignment laser on the market today. Our patented self-centering bore adapters eliminate the need to take 2 measurements (0 degrees & 180 degrees) for each bore, a standard practice to take out bore diameter changes. This makes bore alignment extremely easy and very fast!

With a variety of target options, such as self-centering, see-through, 2-axis and 4-axis, Hamar's bore alignment lasers have a solution for you. Windows-based Bore9 software can analyze the alignment data or it can be simply displayed on hand-held readouts. As with all of Hamar Laser's products, the data is live, so if your bore is out of alignment, the laser can be used to bring it into tolerance.

Tightly controlled tolerances and innovative designs mean fast setups and easy fixturing. To give an example of the measuring speed of this laser system, a 10-foot cylinder bore can be measured for straightness every three inches in 10 minutes or less, including setup.

Applications for the laser bore alignment system include bore straightness checks on individual parts, boring-bar bearing alignment, crank-shaft bore alignment, extruder barrel alignment, tail-rotor bearing alignment on helicopters, bar-turning machines, stern tubes in ship building, aluminum can-making machinery and hinge-line alignment for commercial jets. There are very few bore alignment applications that we have not seen in the last 35 years, so even if you do not see your specific application listed here, please call and we will work with you to solve your alignment problems.

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