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automotive manufacturing - transfer line spindle alignment, machining center alignment Hamar Laser designed the first laser leveling and machine tool calibration system for the automotive industry in 1975, replacing traditional methods such as level, straight edges and indicators. Since then, automobile manufacturers have saved millions of dollars through the use of laser alignment equipment. Lasers have significantly improved tool life, increased plant throughput, and vastly improved overall part quality. For example, our L-700 Spindle Alignment Laser System saved one Big 3 automobile manufacturer $1.5 million in reduced tooling and increased throughput by increasing the tool life on one transfer-line operation from 50 parts to 1,500 parts.

In the words of Mike Breen, Field Service Engineer for Ellison Machinery Company,


"Nothing saves more money than aligning your machines. The tooling (mills, drills, and inserts) is very costly, and [laser] alignment greatly increases tool life."
(Source: Modern Application News, August 2001)


One of the biggest misconceptions in the machine tool industry is that proper linear positioning is all that is needed to make quality parts. All of our customers have found out the hard way that to really make quality parts, the first thing that should be checked and calibrated is the geometry (surface flatness, squareness and straightness measurement). Only then should the linear positioning of a machine tool be checked and calibrated. Failing to follow this sequence will result in a costly trial and error period, poor part quality and reduced throughput.

Our laser leveling, spindle alignment and machine tool calibration equipment is the most accurate and portable on the market today. With features like wireless communication, 1/2 micron resolution, 4-axis targets and 3 mutually perpendicular, automatically rotating laser planes, it is nearly impossible to find an alignment situation that our lasers cannot improve. And with accuracies down to 0.00003"/ft (0.001mm/M), even your most demanding customers will be impressed by your part quality.

There are 2 basic types of lasers:

  1. Straight-Line Laser Systems - designed for bore straightness and spindle alignment applications.
  2. Continuously Rotating Laser Systems - designed for machining center calibration & alignment, injection-molding machines, transfer-line wing bases and other similar applications, where straightness, squareness and surface flatness measurements are critical to part quality.
Our continuously rotating lasers now come in 2 grades: the L-730 Precision Series and the L-740 Ultra-Precision Series. Each series offers 4 different laser systems with single, dual and triple-plane versions. The L-730 Series is designed for those with accuracies needs of 0.00012"/ft (0.01 mm/M) or higher and the L-740 Series is for those with accuracy needs of 0.00003"/ft (0.0017 mm/M) or higher.

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