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L-733 Aircraft Assembly System

L-733 Aircraft Assembly System

Aircraft Assembly Alignment Applications

The L-733 Precision Triple Scan® Laser is an ideal instrument for numerous aerospace applications. It offers three automatically rotating laser planes with plenty of accuracy to meet today's ever-tightening tolerances. This patented technology creates a powerful tool to not only MEASURE, but also FIX alignment problems in a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.

Laser Provides Multiple Laser References Simultaneously

The laser can be set up to any two of the three main reference criteria of the aircraft simultaneously, (automatically if desired) making it possible to work in all three planes at the same time. The entire reference system can also be easily transferred from buttock line to buttock line or station plane to station plane. Most jobs can be accomplished from one central location because the laser planes extend 100' (30.5 meters) in radius from the laser head.


L-733 Aligning Commercial  Aircarft Body Sections
L-733 Aligning Commercial
Aircarft Body Sections
Align Multiple Aircraft Sections Using Multiple Targets

Multiple targets may be used at the same time, allowing various sections of the aircraft to come together to a common reference on both sides. For example, stowage bins on both sides of the interior can be aligned simultaneously using multiple work crews.

Live Data Instantly Displays Alignment Moves

As with all HLI laser products, the alignment data is live, which means the movement of components during alignment can be seen instantaneously. With multiple targets and live data, the task of aligning large aircraft components becomes much more efficient. That means more planes roll off the line each month.

Automatic Buck-In System

Several years ago, HLI developed a system for a large commercial aircraft builder in Northwestern US that uses wireless targets to automatically "buck in" the laser system to reference points. The laser then stays on those reference points even if the floor supporting the laser moves. This is especially useful when work crews' movements inside the aircraft cause the floors to temporarily move.

Wireless Targets Speed Alignments

Our wireless targets eliminate long extension cords for reference targets. The targets work with all of our continuously rotating laser plane systems and can be used up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) from the laser.


The A-1519-2.4ZB and A-1520-2.4ZB targets have up to a 1" measuring range, a resolution as low as 0.00001" (0.00025 mm) and can be used up to 150 feet (45 meters) from the readout. The R-1355-2.4ZB Readout uses a Nomad Rugged PDA, color software to display up to 5 targets simultaneously. Other features like electronic zeroing and target averaging help to speed alignments.

L-733 Aligning Commercial  Aircraft Seat Tracks
L-733 Aligning Commercial
Aircraft Seat Tracks
Seat Track Alignment

The critical need for the seat tracks to be both in a straight line and parallel to one another becomes an easy task when using the L-733. The system can easily make two seat tracks straight and parallel up to 200' long. It takes a fraction of the time normally required using old fashion methods and requires less manpower to do it.
Data Sheet
How it Works
Body Joining Applications
How it Works
Seat Track Alignment Using the L-723

FEATURES L-733 System

  • Three continuously rotating laser planes each with an operating range of 100 feet (30.5 meters) in radius.
  • Laser plane flat to 2 arc seconds (0.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M) in 180º sweep and 1 arc second (0.00006"/ft or 0.005 mm/M) in 90º sweep.
  • Planes/beams are mutually square up to 2 arc seconds (0.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M).
  • Includes an adjustable Pitch/Roll/Yaw base
  • A-1519-2.4ZB Single-Axis, Wireless Target with 1" (24.5 mm) Measuring Range and .00002" (0.0005 mm) Resolution.
  • Backlit level vials accurate to 2 arc second.
  • Short warm up
  • Typical setup time 20 minutes or less.
  • Electro Static Discharge protection circuit to protect laser from static shocks up to 17.5 kV.
  • Diode lasers 2 times more stable than HeNe based laser systems.
  • Battery or AC powered.
  • Completely self-contained.
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