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Laser alignment for aerospaceThe manufacture of aircraft, both commercial and military, has provided us many opportunities to showcase the power of laser alignment for increasing productivity during the aircraft assembly. Hamar Laser has taken its proven, high-accuracy continuously rotating lasers and developed laser systems for numerous aerospace alignment applications. These systems have greatly reduced the time needed to perform such tasks as joining aircraft sections together, installing interior hardware (seat tracks, floors and storage bins using water line and buttock lines as references), leveling large tools and alignment of large machine tools (spar mills, floor mills etc).

We have developed wireless target technology that rids the aircraft of cables, allowing multiple operators to perform their tasks without the burden of wires cluttering the work area. These targets have eliminated several large, heavy tools in different applications, easing the setup task and yielding a better end product for our customers. Our targets come with a built-in readout, or they can transmit to a remote, handheld display or a computer for data collection. In one application, an aerospace company uses 15 targets to continuously monitor wing flatness as components are being added. The data is fed to a control system to automatically adjust actuators controlling the wings flatness.

There are two basic types of alignment systems:

  1. Straight-Line Laser Systems - designed for hinge line and other bore-type tooling applications.
  2. Continuously Rotating Laser Systems - designed for machining center, tooling leveling and aircraft assembly applications.

    Our continuously rotating laser systems come in 2 grades of accuracy: the L-730 Precision Series and the L-740 Ultra-Precision Series. Each series offers different laser systems with single, dual and triple plane versions. The L-730 Series is designed for those with accuracies needs of 0.00012"/ft (0.01 mm/M) or higher and the L-740 Series is for those with accuracy needs of 0.00003"/ft (0.0025 mm/M) or higher.
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