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Customer Testimonials

Just a note to let you know, we completed alignment of the Mazak Slant bed lathe shortly after you and Guy finished your visit with us... Read more

Christopher G. Equipment Engineer, Rolls Royce Corporation

We have used the system now, and it really is good. We used it on an old (circa 1950) crusher motor (200 hp 550 RPM) with a horrible motor base...
Read more

Jeff F., Engineer Roanoke Cement Company

The machine move stage is the most critical step in any alignment. Behind its great graphics, this is where we have seen the very high resolution and accuracy of the system... Read more

Paul Frecker, IS Tecnik

ROI on our L-742 [Roll Alignment system] was 3 months! Thanks for a top-shelf ‘rubber meets the road’ solution.

John M. Shurtape Technologies, LLC

We have been using Hamar laser equipment for about 14 years and have had nothing but great support from your staff all around, from your... Read more

Charles Monestere, Operations Manager ‐ Alignment Services Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, Ltd

We adopted the use of the Hamar Laser Alignment System since 2005 and have not looked back since. It has proven that with its high accuracy... Read more

Cheng L. C., Engineering Manager Mitsui Copper Foil Malaysia

In late 2010 our company received an order to develop a system that would make precise measurements of inner diameter and non - linearity of refurbished oil rig pipes... Read more

Yuri Bochavich, Diezel Test Kit, Ltd. Ekaterinburg, Russia.
Hamar Laser Calibration, Alignment and Measurement Systems | The Technology Makes It Better!

The Technology Makes It Better!

A worldwide leader in laser alignment technology for nearly 50 years, we design, manufacture, sell and service a wide range of precision laser alignment and calibration systems to satisfy virtually any alignment application. From our patented Triple Scan® machine tool alignment technology to our Dual-Beam™ technology in our Stealth™ Series shaft alignment lasers, our technology truly does make us better, and allows us to offer laser systems that are more accurate and easier to use than any others in our industry.

Our alignment systems are renowned for their simplicity and ability to align machines faster than any other method. And with 50 years of precision alignment experience designed into everything we sell, you can be assured that if it's aligned with a Hamar, then it's done right and it's done in record time!

Here are just a few of the many applications:
Machine tool calibration, machining center alignment, surface flatness measurement and straightness measurement, bore alignment, shaft alignment, spindle axis alignment & calibration, roll alignment, laser leveling, extruder bore alignment, injection molding machine alignment and much more.

Our alignment products are grouped and selected by application. If you do not see your application listed, please contact our sales department for assistance. Give us a call and let us show you how we can make your job aligning machinery a whole lot easier!

Thank you for visiting Hamar Laser.

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