T-261 Simultaneous 4-Axis Spindle Target with Rubber Cable


The T-261 4-Axis target displays horizontal and vertical centering and angular (pitch and yaw) data simultaneously and provides real-time information to a live graphic display in our Lathe9 Software or to 2 R-1307C 2-Axis Readouts. This enables the user to make alignment adjustments to the machine and watch the alignment values update as they are made.

Two bullseye levels on the top and bottom of the T-261 provide accuracy in rotational positioning for our NORMin procedure. The target’s .4995 in. (12.687 mm) diameter mounting stud simplifies fixture design and building. The stud can be easily removed and replaced with a custom mounting stud or fixture. A .5000 in. (12.700 mm) hole reamed square to a face is all that is needed to mount the target.

When used with the R-358, the T-261 has a center resolution of .00001 in. (0.00025 mm) and angular .00001 in/ft (0.0008 mm/m). When used with Hamar Laser’s alignment software, our NORMin procedure compensates for mounting and other errors for even greater accuracy.


  • Aerospace Tooling/Fixturing
  • Boring Mill Spindle-to-Part Alignment
  • Lathe Alignment
  • Printing Press Side Frames
  • Rotary-Dial Machine Spindle Alignment
  • Spindle-to-Subspindle Alignment on Multi-Axis Turning Centers
  • Transfer-Line Spindle Alignment



(See drawing)
14 oz. (400 g)
"Material: "
"Mounting Stud: 440C stainless steel, RC54-58 hardness Case: Aluminum"
Mounting Stud Diam.:
.4995 in. (12.687 mm) diameter concentric mounting stud, replaceable
"Cable: "
Rubber with a length of 10 ft. (3.05 m) Connector: 15-pin D Connector
"Target Cell Concentricity: "
+/-.0005 in. (0.013 mm) to mounting stud of target
"Target Axis Squareness: "
+/-.0005 in/ft (+/-0.042 mm/m) to rear of target
(with R-358 Interface)"
"Center: .00001 in. (0.00025 mm) Angular: .00001 in/ft (0.0008 mm/m)"
Measurement Range:
Within ± .025" (0.64 mm): linearity is <1% Outside ± .025" (0.64 mm): linearity is <5%
"Linearity: "
Within ± .025" (0.64 mm): linearity is <1% Outside ± .025" (0.64 mm): linearity is <5%
(See drawing)
"1.500 in. (38.1 mm) O.D. mounting face with .500 in. (12.7 mm) diameter concentric mounting stud"