T-230EE “See-Through” Target Stand

T-230EE “See-Through” Target Stand


The Model T-230EE “See-Through” Target Stand is identical to the T-230 Target Stand, except that it is designed primarily for use with the T-218 Universal Target and allows the beam to pass through the target and stand.


  • Used with the T-218 Universal Target


  • Target holder has 2 micrometer slides and can be adjusted vertically anywhere along the post and locked in position
  • 12 in. post with a magnetic base
  • Micrometer slides are used to make fine X-Y adjustments to the target’s position
  • Support post is positioned off-center, allowing the laser beam to pass through the T-218 Universal Target


Mounting Information
Switch-lock magnetic base 70 lb. (32 kg) holding force
Vertical Adjustment
8 in. (203.2 mm) vertical post
Mounting Surface for Targets
500 (12.75 mm) mounting surface ID 2.250 in. (57.2 mm) mounting surface ID
4.75 lbs (2.14 kg)
Target Holder: Aluminum Post: 440C stainless, RC54-58 hardness
Micrometer Range
+/- 0.25 in. (6 mm) for X (vertical) and Y (horizontal) stages