T-219 2-Axis Front-Mount Bore Target

T-219 2-Axis Front-Mount Bore Target


Hamar Laser’s T-219 Front-Mount 2-Axis Bore Target is designed for the alignment of tube sheets and tube support plates for heat exchangers. The target is designed to work with bore adapters for small-bore applications, where the target needs to be mounted at the far end (back) of the bore, such as tube support plates (TSP) where there is no access to the front of the TSP.

The T-219 has a 10×10 mm PSD that is concentric to the bore-adapter ID, mounting-surface to within .0005 in. (0.0125mm) and requires the T-219A Bore Adapters, which are customized to the bore ID of the heat-exchanger, support-sheet bores.


  • Tube sheets for heat exchanges.
  • Tube support plates (TSPs) for heat exchangers.
  • Other bore applications where there is no access to the front of the bore.


  • 10×10 mm PSD (Position Sensing Detector) is mounted as close as possible to the front of the target, minimizing bore offset errors caused by the target not being
  • mounted inside the bore.
  • PSD with .0001 in. (0.001 mm) resolution when used with the R-1307 Readouts
  • 2.000 in. (50.8 mm) OD, with stainless steel ground and hardened surface.
  • T-219A Bore Adapter accommodates bores down to 0.5 in. (12.7 mm).
  • Small and compact, with a removable cable for easy storage.
  • Can be used with the R-1307C or R-1307 2.4ZB target readouts. Use the A-910-2.4ZB Radio Receiver for a PC with the R-1307-2.4ZB for wireless data downloads into our Bore9 software.
  • Spirit level orients the PSD sensor axes to the alignment axes of the bore.



2.0 x 1.5 in. (50.8 x 38.1 mm)
.39x.39 in. (10x10 mm) Position Sensing Detector (PSD)
.0001 in. (0.001 mm) when used with the R-1307 .00002 in.
(0.0005 mm) when used with the Bore9 software or R-358 Computer Interface
PSD Concentricity to OD:
<.0005 in. (0.013 mm)
440C stainless Rockwell RC55-60
Removable 10 ft. (3 m) cable with Lemo connector
16 oz. (.45 Kg)
T-219A Bore Adapters:
Removable adapters can be customized to 1 bore ID. Spring-expanding design keeps target adapter centered and magnets further hold target in place
Light Shield:
Used when targets are inserted in T-230 Target Stand to reduce ambient light effects in bright light conditions. Blinking laser capability of the R-1307 removes most background light effect