T-212 4-Axis Target

T-212 4-Axis Target


The T-212 4-Axis Target is a general-purpose target that provides both 2-axis centering and 2-axis angular (pitch and yaw) measurements. To switch from Center Mode to Angular Mode, a precision lens (1″ focal length) is inserted into the face of the target and the display values shown in the readout are converted to angular values expressed in inches/inch format (mm/mm).

The target is useful for lower-accuracy alignment of headstocks to tailstocks on lathes, measuring squareness on machining centers and aligning spindles in transfer lines. It can be used with the L-700, L-702, L-705, and L-741lasers. A .4998 in. (12.694 mm) diameter stud at the rear of the T-212 allows easy mounting and simplified fixture design.


  • Rotary-dial machines
  • Vertical and horizontal machining centers
  • Lathe alignmentTransfer-line spindle alignment
  • Boring-bar bearings
  • Bar feeders


  • Fast, easy 2-axis measurement of both center and angle with one setup.
  • The 4998 in. (12.694 mm) diameter stud allows easy mounting and simplified fixture design.
  • Can be used with the R-1307 2-Axis Readout and R-358 Computer Interfaces.


14 oz. (392 g)
Material Hardness:
440C stainless Rockwell RC55-60
Target Cell Concentricity:
.0005" (0.013 mm) T.I.R. to stud of target
Lens Axis Squareness:
.0005 in/inch (0.5 mm/m) T.I.R. to face of target
"Resolution: "
Center: .0001 in. (0.0025 mm)Angular: .0001 in/inch (0.01 mm/m)
"Repeatability of Lens System:"
± .0001 in/inch (0.01 mm/m)
Target Cell Range:
± .080" (2.0 mm) in both axes
"Linearity: "
Within 5% (See Target Cell Accuracy for details)
Cord Dimensions:
Target to connector 10 ft. (3 m)
"Mounting Dimensions: "
Target housing has a 1.500 in. (38.1 mm) O.D. with .4998 in. (12.694 mm) diameter concentric mounting stud